Official Release About Kathy Orr and Weather Changes at CBS3






Philadelphia, August 1, 2011 –  CBS 3 and The CW Philly will be expanding their Eyewitness News weather team this September when Lehigh Valley native Katie Fehlinger, currently the weekend morning weather forecaster for WCBS in New York, comes home to join the CBS Philadelphia stations.  


The expansion allows Chief Meteorologist Kathy Orr to focus on the stations’ primary 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. broadcasts beginning this August.  Orr has decided to reduce her work schedule after 20 years of work as a broadcast meteorologist.  “It’s been exciting, challenging and rewarding,” Orr says, “but, with two school age children who are growing up fast, I am trying to seek a balance in my life.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to continue contributing to the success of CBS 3 and The CW Philly and still be able to spend more time with my family.”


Current morning Meteorologist Kate Bilo will move up to the 5 and 6 p.m. newscasts with Fehlinger, who arrives in September, replacing Bilo and joining the morning team of Ukee Washington, Erika von Tiehl and Bob Kelly.


Prior to joining WCBS as a weathercaster in April,   Fehlinger was a forecaster for nearly five years at AccuWeather, Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania.  While at AccuWeather, Fehlinger served as a regular football, baseball, and hockey game day weather reporter for several regional Fox Sports Networks, NESN, YES, and the Big Ten Network. She has appeared on a host of other major networks including FOX News, FOX Business, ESPN and ABC.  Fehlinger’s reports brought a niche emphasis to climate change issues and the weather’s effects on sports.

She began her broadcasting career in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley where she reported for RCN 4 located in Bath, and later did feature reporting for WLVT-TV’s Emmy award-winning news/magazine show Tempo!

In 2006 she switched her focus to weather – and her passion for meteorology has grown ever since.  Her first-ever live shot was an update for FOX News on the tornadoes ripping through the Midwest. “I never had a more exciting moment professionally,” says Fehlinger. “I knew I had chosen the right career.”

Fehlinger now joins the Eyewitness News weather team of  Kathy Orr, Kate Bilo, Justin Drabick and Carol Erickson. 

Fehlinger graduated summa cum laude from Cedar Crest College in Allentown with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications. She also studied geosciences at Mississippi State University.

CBS 3 (KYW-TV) and The CW Philly 57 (WPSG-TV) are part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corporation.









Kate Fehlinger


15 responses to “Official Release About Kathy Orr and Weather Changes at CBS3

  1. Good for you Kathy. Anchoring 6 and 11 newscasts does take a toll on family especially with middle and high school kids. Bee there, done that!! Hard to have any quality weekday activities with the family. On many ocassions I had to leave my family in the middle of a movie or dinner to rush back to the studio to anchor the late news. Your kids will be happy. Don’t know how you were able to do the 4, 6. 10 and 11 newscasts for so long.,

  2. New Clear Power

    Katie hasn’t exactly set the world on fire up in NYC. Just my opinion, we need more meteorologists on air and less teleprompter readers who “love” weather.

  3. Right again you are King WJ! Gettin old’s a bitch, right Kathy??

  4. Ramon, chill, lighten up. King WJ’s comments are not defamitory even by law in Communist Countries. As is eveyone else, he is expressing his opinion. Anyone, that ever read this blog is aware of Laura’s media position.
    It’s always positive & complimentry to the locals. Discussion/opinion is what blogs are about. Have a nice cold beverage of your choice.

  5. Connected — You are too kind. And I am clearly not the King. It is you, my friend, who heads the first-team all-Nachman on a consistent basis.

    Perhaps Ramon needs to be reminded who is on this list

    First Team All Nachman:

    Emeritus Category
    Hal Sacks

    Junior Achievement Category
    Robert City Weather (aka SpongeBob)

    All of these are great commenters and are the true fabric behind this great blog that Laura puts out there for our consumption.

  6. Orr may be older, but she still more of a babe than any of these newbies

  7. WJ just tells it like it is…….he doesn’t sugar coat anything. Orr is still a good looking lady for her age. Let’s face it. It’s all business……other industries do it even more often because they are not in the public eye! Being a woman, I say 99% of the weather people are on tv because of their LOOKS! That’s a fact JACK@
    Wj thanks for the first team ranking. NICE!

  8. Why does Hurd use the name Kelly?? Sounds kinda stupid for one that was raised in the market to use a fake name.

  9. WJ, you never cease to amaze me. But Bob whomever still rymes with hurd

  10. WJ – I am hurt that I am not on your list of all-stars.

    Dutch – Drabick only does weekend evenings. Carol Erickson does weekend mornings (Saturday and Sunday), so she is not out of a job or restricted to fill-ins.

  11. TV News Lover — You are right up there, but there are only so many spots on the first-team.

    Perhaps you can unseat the incumbents: Connected, Maceo, MSHOTTIE,
    megan, and Bart. They bring it often and they bring it well.

    Good luck!!

  12. TV News Lover — You are right up there, but there are only so many spots on the first-team.

    Perhaps you can unseat the incumbents: Connected, Maceo, MSHOTTIE,
    megan, and Bart. They bring it often and they bring it well.

  13. Sorry for the double post there… Some “IT Issues” here at WJ HQ…

    Apologies to all

  14. I don’t know how else to send this email but I just wanted to say that I think Kathy Orr’s hair color looks GREAT!!!! I met Kathy a long time ago at a Philly’s game (when she was with a different station) and I thought she looked good then. Over the years she let her hair grow and the color stayed the same. Her new color makes her look younger and makes her face look great. Congratulations on the change!!

  15. I just want to know who’s dressing Kathy Orr… it Aunt Bea from Mayberry?? She looks like she’s 65 yrs. old!!! And that hairdo is from the 60s…….How are you guys gonna compete with CBS 10 and the likes of a Sheena Parvin??? Oh right, you’ve moved Kate Bilo to the evening broadcasts….she’s pretty and articulate, but her VOICE!!!! Sounds as if she inhales helium just before going on-air!!!! Like a “Munchkin”

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