New Direction For Former Philly Sportscaster

From Sharla Feldscher PR:



 Philadelphia, PA (August 3, 2011) – Accustomed to seeing former TV sports anchor Bill Vargus in front of the camera as a sportscaster, audiences may be surprised to see him now appearing in a new role in a commercial.   You see, this summer Vargus, aka Billy V, has become a director as he is launching his new advertising production company called HIT Commercials (meaning Highly Intricate Technology). Incorporating his signature sense of humor, his first production is a humorous commercial for Weathers Motors, being aired on Comcast SportsNet during Phillies games.


Proud to launch HIT Commercials, Vargus is hoping his company can propel more small businesses into the world of TV and radio commercials by offering reasonably priced production. “I’m especially interested in businesses that have never advertised before,” Vargus explained. “I hope we can help put them on the map as they build their business success and help them understand the great benefits of broadcast advertising. Of course, at the same time,” he adds with a smile, “I won’t turn away any multi-million dollar businesses either!”


Vargus’ first series of commercials for Weathers Motors of Lima/Media, PA are a spoof on the usual used car ads.  In directing the commercial, Vargus tells Larry Weathers III, the owner of Weathers Motors, “It’s a car commercial, Larry. You gotta’ wave your arms and yell a lot. And show your kids!” Meanwhile, the real messages are delivered about the high quality service customers can expect when they buy a car from Weathers Motors.


The natural transition into business, television and radio commercial production seemed right for Vargus. “For the last two years, I’ve been acting in TV commercials,” Vargus says.  “I figured, with 30 years of TV and radio experience, I should form my own company and start directing and producing.”


Explaining his philosophy to support smaller businesses and companies that are struggling, Vargus says, “I chose Weathers Motors for my first commercial because I really did buy my truck from them and valued their service but also because of what they’ve been through.” In June of 2009, Chrysler ended their relationship with what was then known as Weathers Dodge.  Chrysler had done the same to 788 other dealers across the nation, but that didn’t make it any easier for Weathers. They had been a Chrysler franchise for 78 years, and had to reinvent themselves and survive. “When you see Larry Weathers and a half-dozen of his employees acting silly in my commercial, you know they have not only survived, but done it while maintaining an amazingly positive attitude.”


Bill Vargus most recently anchored sports at Fox 29, where he was nominated for seven Emmy awards. He won the Emmy Award for Best Sports Anchor in the Mid-Atlantic Region in 2008 and 2009. Vargus, a graduate of Temple University, began his broadcasting career at WHAT RADIO, and worked at several other radio stations in Philly before becoming a news writer at KYW-TV (Channel 3), and then a sports anchor at WHYY-TV (Channel 12), WCAU-TV (Channel 10) and WTXF-TV (Fox 29).

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6 responses to “New Direction For Former Philly Sportscaster

  1. Cost much $$$ to keep Sue’s belly full.

  2. Billy V deserved a better fate than this.

    He is much better than anyone on the Fox29 Sports Beat

    Instead he now has a “marketing firm” in a bad economy

    Shame on 29 for keeping no talents like Jerrick, Keeley and Frederick around — while jettisoning someone like Billy V

  3. The Whacker is 100% right on Bill Vargas. A good person who is also a talented broadcaster.
    Look at the several Philadelphians who are neither and are still employed.

    It’s a lesson for any youngsters considering a career in TV or radio.

  4. Marv –Thanks for the kind words. Coming from you, it really hits home.

    You continue to be one of the classiest people here.

    Almost as classy as Billy Vargus… Best of luck to Billy V in his new venture

    Hopefully he gets some nice clients and does well

  5. Agree with Marv and WJ, Billy V really got the shaft from Fox… does he loose his job and they keep weak people on the air? Sad truth, no matter how talented you maybe, if you are not in with the right people your on the outside looking in.

  6. I agree with you Wacky Jack and Marv, Billy V. got a raw deal from Ch. 29, he has a lot more talent and class then a lot of people on 29.

    Speaking of “CLASS”, “maceo” has none.

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