Announcers For The Eagles-Ravens Game

Don Tollefson, Brian Baldinger, ESPN-bound Hugh Douglas, and Jeff Skversky will handle the Eagles-Ravens game on 6ABC Thursday night.


11 responses to “Announcers For The Eagles-Ravens Game

  1. Baldy is good, the rest can qualify for the biography of the three stooges

  2. Looking forward to the many mistakes from Hugh

    “Yeah Tolley, whats that guys name”

    “The young man didnt do what he was supposed to do, whatever that was”

  3. I actually enjoy it! It’s like watching a train wreck……’s so bad, that its actually entertaining. ETN can not find a up and coming broadcaster to get a start , so we have to listen to re-treads?

  4. Train leaves the station at 730pm.

    Looking forward to Douglas bumbling and bumbling names.

    He is a fraud

  5. Hugh is a clown, but he keeps gettin hired??

  6. Hugh sez, duh what do you think Baldy?

  7. Wow, these guys just dont shut up and let the game evolve. Tolley is an ass.

  8. Best line of the night

    “The Eagles D-Line is having a great season. Much better than last year”

    That came from Hugh Douglas — in the first quarter. First quarter in the first preseason game.

    This guy continues to be one of the most incompetent broadcasters ever.

    How he maintains this employment is simply shocking.

  9. Don was great last light, especially when he announced an ACTION NEWS update was coming up as if he was still on channel 6! Great to see you again Tolly, Glad you’re on ESPN!

  10. and doing the eagles games on 6

  11. all comments on this post are right on target! ETN should be ashamed of themselves for putting out this horrible product for such a top notch program.

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