Former Philly Sportscaster Returning

We hear that former NBC10 sportscaster Jade McCarthy is returning to the station in the near future, as her husband was offered a professional opportunity in Philadelphia.  We also hear that the couple are also expecting their first child in the fall.

 McCarthy departed a couple of years ago for NESN in New England.

An NBC spokesperson did not immediately respond to an email for confirmation.

4 responses to “Former Philly Sportscaster Returning

  1. Aint’ that special! My husband is looking to be relocated and Where ever he goes I m sure I will be able to walk right into an employer and say, I want my job back ??? Give me a break, unemployment is at a all time high and someone can move right back to a top 5 market and a job will be waiting? She is a very nice girl, though did not invent the role of a female sportscaster.

  2. Lets see — 6ABC has Apody, CSN has Fadool-Hillary-Gudel-Dei Lyman, and CBS3 has LVA.

    So NBC10 needs a female. Jade’s hubbo gets a gig and she is returning

    Just snap your fingers and your problems are solved.

    Megan nailed this one. Reeks of favoritism and political patronage.
    Also agree with Megan (who is first team All-Nachman) that Jade is quite nice but there are 1000s of talented young women who read sports

  3. I could have sworn she went to CSN New England not NESN.

  4. Megan is right on here! just not right.

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