Correction to 6ABC-Eagles Coverage

Vince Papale will not be hosting Eagles Confidential this season, contrary to what was previously reported.

This season the show will not have a host, only an off-screen narrator.

The Eagles shows that air on 6ABC are produced by the teams’ Eagles Television Network.



7 responses to “Correction to 6ABC-Eagles Coverage

  1. Guess ETN could not deal w/Vince’s crazy wife!!

  2. PMTV stated the host was from King of Prussia, he covered Indians football with Andy Reid

  3. Vince has spouse-sanity issues ?
    Maybe he should marry pippa Middleton.
    Then she would be Pippa Papale.

  4. Oh yea, Papale’s wife is a real whacko. Had some business dealings with her, shes certifiable.

  5. Count me as someone who think Papale’s “15 minutes of fame” ended about an hour and a half ago.

    What is so special about this guy?

    His story was nice. He made the team in the 1970s. He got the movie.

    But does anyone really care?

    He is not that interesting of a guy. Just a guy…

  6. WJ, correct as usual. This dude should not have even had 15 minutes.

  7. Thank you for the kind words as always, Connected.

    You are one of many who thinks Papale’s time has come and gone

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