Mid-Atlantic Emmy Predictions

Since many of the Mid-Atlantic Emmy talent categories have only one nominee, there won’t be much suspense at the ceremonies in September. The categories with only one nominee means the person listed is the winner.

On-Camera Talent – Anchor – News Anchor
Dave Huddleston, CBS3

On-Camera Talent – Anchor – Weather
Kathy Orr, CBS3

On-Camera Talent – Anchor- Sports
John Boruk, Comcast SportsNet

On-Camera Talent – Program Host/Moderator
Jon Dorenbos, Eagles Television Network
Dave Huddleston, CBS3

On-Camera Talent- Reporter- General Assignment
Walt Hunter, CBS3
Chris O’Connell, FOX29

On-Camera Talent- Reporter- Specialty Assignment
Jim Osman, CBS3
Jim Donovan, CBS3
Stephanie Stahl, CBS3

On-Camera Talent- Reporter- Sports
John Boruk, Comcast SportsNet

On-Camera Talent- Sports Analyst/Play-by-Play
Marc Zumoff, Comcast SportsNet

Maybe the lack of nominees is due to the fact that in these tough financial times, the nomination fee is a deterrant to potential nominees.


14 responses to “Mid-Atlantic Emmy Predictions

  1. How much is the nomination fee ?

  2. Worst On-Camera Talent – Program Host/Moderator
    Mike Jerrick, Fox29
    honorable mention to Alicia “Arms” Vitarelli, 6ABC

    Worst On-Camera Talent- Reporter- General Assignment
    Jennaphr Frederick, Fox29
    Steve Keeley, Fox29

    Worst On-Camera Talent- Reporter- Sports
    Hugh Douglas, ESPN

  3. WJ is right on , can not make a comment on Ms.Vitarelli, never had a chance to see her work! sick of ABC action news……the sports dept. most annoying ever!

  4. The nomination fee is $75.

  5. Jose – thanks for kind words.

    I might nominate someone for just $75

  6. $75!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Isn’t this actually the ENTRY fee per entrant name for Philadelphia area members? Do they already pay another $75 a year in dues?

    Entry may be $175 to non members. Nothing says an entrant will be NOMINATED.

  7. As always, Marv offers some clear guidance to the real story.

    Thank you Marv for your contribution

  8. OK…let’s review….here are my REAL Emmy Winners:
    News Anchor – Jim Gardner (please, who else?)
    Weather Anchor – Cecily Tynan
    Sports – ehhhh…crap shoot — where is Billy V?
    Program Host: Steve Highsmith — not exactly riveting but effective
    Play by Play: Although he screams too much…has to be Jim Jackson
    General Assignment Reporter: ANYONE at channel 6 – Vernon Odom, Dann Cuellar, Cathy Gandolfo; or Dave Schratweiser (although he scares ME!)
    Specialty Assignment — Where is Eric O’Hearn or Cheri Bank????

    It is unfortunate that this “recognition” is money-driven and not truly based on talent.

  9. Right on Wacky Jack, LOL!

    You know in your heart and mind who the real talent are who bust their asses every day to bring us the facts we need to know in order to make sense of it all. those who are not in it for the publicity and who want to do the job right, like Jim, Dave H, Walt, Vernon, Cathy, Dann, Pat, Ukee and others who work for their trust!

    Note to 10: Put the Midday news back on at NOON where it belongs not 11:30!

  10. I work in radio doing news and if it is a feature story or an opiniated story, I do not report on it because listeners tune in for facts, not what someone thinks!

  11. The 3 and 6 Fan hit the nail on the head.

    Everyone on that list is terrific

    Great shout out to Vernon Odom – He gets little credit and promo from the station (as opposed to Brian Taff or Alicia V) but he still delivers great stuff

  12. How about voting for hottest babe??? C’mon peeps

  13. Definitely Vernon deserves a big shoutout … The Man With The Facts.

    I’d add Nora Muchanic, Cathy Gandolfo, John Rawlins and Dann Cuellar as people who virtually always put together an interesting, accurate report.

    Jimbo and Cecily are certainly very very smooth announcers, but the field reports are often the content that stands apart.

  14. As always Marv is on target.

    Spot-on assessment of the others from 6 ABC who are great.

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