Everything Happens While I’m Away

I just got back from vacation where I did not have access to email or the internet and heard the big news about Howard Eskin leaving the afteroon drive slot on WIP and WIP officially beginning a simulcast on WYSP in September. So what does everyone think about the new lineup with Michael Barkann and Ike Reese, Gargano and Macnow from 1-6 and Rob Ellis at 6?


18 responses to “Everything Happens While I’m Away

  1. Ever hear of a working vacation, in the electronic/digital era??

  2. So barkann is going to do radio and host DNL? And what is the shift for Barkann and Reese? I was surprised Reese still had a job.

  3. It’s 10-1

  4. It stinks that WYSP is going away.

  5. Ike reese is a nice guy, but over used. ………….he should really only be used for shows exclusively geared toward eagles, not daily….ike reese on baseball,hockey,nba ehhhh, His speaking and master of the english language leaves alil to be desired, he wont last very long in the 10-1 time slot……………..the move to FM is obviously an attempt to get back listeners that switched to 97.5 FM………alot of the sports talk has become a bit stale at times, not that 97.5 is much better, Mike Missanelli is the stations only real draw………..Howard eskin will still be around working sundays and other things on the station that have yet to be clarified publicly……….WIP and Mark Rayfield need to do a better job of thinking outside the box, the changes are good(moving to fm,shift changes,adding barkann), but really arent enough……….its STALE………..Come on Rayfield…GET CREATIVE!!

  6. i’m stunned that Ike reese is working and eskin is gone

  7. I wish they would put KYW on the FM dial instead….just my opinion

  8. “I didnt have access to email or the internet”
    >>> How is that humanly possible in 2011?

    The problem with this new format is the fact that Gargano is not as good as
    Bloom/Rayfield think he is. All he does is suck up to the local players and
    pretends to be their friend. His South Philly act sounds silly these days.
    Everyone is a “cuz” or a “Bo” or a “Paesan”. He doesnt do much reporting
    either. Put it to you this way > When was the last time you actually learned
    something from him? Say what you want about Eskin and his demeanor,
    but at least he has reliable sources. Anthony Gargano has Pete from
    Chickie’s and Pete’s. Enjoy coming in 2nd to Missanelli, Cuz.

  9. I always felt that the morning team should switch places with the mid-day crew

  10. Agreed, Gargano is a real loser.

  11. This WIP lineup as a group will be lucky to hit .220… Can Barkann be Hunter Pence? Possibly. At least for awhile.

    One minor alternative once in awhile is to try WNBC 660 AM New York in the afternoons.
    Mike Francesa (1pm – 6:30) does a predominantly baseball/football show.
    Most of it is opinion and info of the current topics. Yo! Bo! it’s not about humor or hoagies.
    The Phillies-Mets-Yankees and Giants-Eagles connections are sometimes interesting, typically just before or after a game or a major trade. John Heyman does hits on trades and an MLB overview.

  12. I think they should dump the morning show, Gargano and Macnow.
    Gargano and Macnow should be on the Food Network. Since Eskin
    is retiring when is Cataldi leaving? That would be a major improvement.
    Please remember Missanelli;s numbers are skewed they are tracking his
    ratings on two stations

  13. Gargano is a total fraud

    He used to be a nice sportswriter — now he is a suck-up kiss-ass machine. Trying to be “boys” with everyone like “Trott” and “BWest” and “JRoll” and “JVR” and on and on.

    His shtick is very weak and not that impressive.

    Missanelli will have his lunch (or dinner, I suppose).

    Kudos to Maceo for calling this out as well

  14. yup. I can’t stand the changes.

    Completely agree with the Gargano and Macnow hate. Someone mentioned they should be on Food Network. I agree with that, those two would fit in great with the pompous blowhard cheflebrities they have on there now.

    I can’t stomach Barkann’s shtick on DNL, I don’t see this working out well at all.

  15. The promo I heard today on WIP stated that Gargano and Macnow will be 10am to 1pm and Reese and Barkann will be from 1pm to 6pm.

  16. With Respect Sol, listen again.

  17. Barkann is an old dog! He should have been out of this market 10 years ago! CSN is just lazy…..Mike is just annoying and very over-rated. Why is he still on camera? He should be selling cars at this point in his life!

  18. Primo’s hoagies used Gargano as their poster child……………sales dropped! once they removed his billboard. Things picked up. That has too tell you something of what the public opinion is on his act….cuz my a##!

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