Jillian Mele Expands To Sports

I caught traffic person Jillian Mele anchoring the sports for myPHL17 Saturday night. She did a nice job!


5 responses to “Jillian Mele Expands To Sports

  1. She’s been doing some sports for awhile now. She’s been splitting time with Eskin as NBC10’s back up sports anchors

  2. I have seen her do sports before nothing new…….i guess shes replacing jade mccarthy

  3. I guess she is available and it doesnt cost the station any $$$ to
    hire someone else — especially with the Comcast gorilla keeping
    an eye on the finances.

  4. She’s sooo bad they cant find a spot for her. Did I hear someone chant FOX29. Now DAYMA (what a name) should work the overnights on Direct TV channel 44

  5. She is very attractive………thank god for that! If she were a plain-Jane. She would be working at a local WaWa!

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