WIP Vs. WPEN In Ratings

Check out the radio ratings.  WPEN is almost tied with WIP.  Think that has anything to do with WIP making its big changes.


8 responses to “WIP Vs. WPEN In Ratings

  1. Looks like WIP will have to do more revamping to avoid losing more listners

  2. Dont forget the cost savings either — CBS Radio just saved a nice
    chunk of change by dumping WYSP.

  3. It would be great if they both stuck to sports. Missanelli and Cataldi talk
    everything but sports. Politics, movies, etc. Then when you call up to
    inquire we are sarcastically called program directors. I post a question
    to Cataldi or Missanelli on Sunday October 30, 2011 should we ask all
    the sports bars to hold a discussion on politics or a Robert DeNiro film
    festival. That is there idea of sports talk. BRING BACK JODY MAC that
    new lineup at WIP is a joke

  4. Well, WIP made the right move to get rid of that tool Howard Eskin. I know he said he is stepping down because he wanted to peruse other opportunities, but quite frankly i think WIP management pushed him out because he was getting his rear end kicked by Mike Missanelli at 97.5. but their is no doubt that the success of 97.5 The Fanatic played a role in WIP going to the FM dial.

  5. Anyone really believe Eskin “decided” to step away in the midst of an epic Phillies season and the dawn of what should be one of the more compelling Eagles seasons? C’mon – he and Mushmouth were getting hammered by Mike Miss. Faced with a major time slot change (I’m being told evenings … While getting bumped by Flyers/Sixers) King kept his dignity and pulled out of the race. Oh people … Don’t call this a retirement but a haitus. He’ll stick around, do pregame and wknd fill-ins for a few yrs until everyone is pining away for him the same way they do now for Jody Mac. and he’ll make his grand re-entrance because we all know he has too much to say to go silent.
    What’s up with the Jody Mac love? Never understood the appeal.

  6. Dutch is correct, Jody has been fired at least five times he was competent, he’d never been discharged from WIP way back when.

  7. The love for Jody Mac is that he can do a show that will talk sports which
    is what we need but will never have in this town. Missanelli spent a good
    portion of his show talking about the earthquake. What should we do on
    October 30th Eagles-Dallas? Have Glen Macnow give a symposium on
    movies and have it broadcast to sports bars all over Philly

  8. Dutch is right on! Eskin will re-surface and make a grand entrance. His act was all too easy. Bash the organizations for making money mistakes and talking down to his listeners” it was a good recipe for quit some time. Though he is done. He should just retire with that new 40 year old he has been prancing around with…….wip intern. (how do they get a 40 year old intern?) His money can buy him something!

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