Earthquake Coverage

So who did everyone watch for earthquake coverage?  I watched 6ABC.

16 responses to “Earthquake Coverage

  1. I had to clean up the rubble from the major (10.9) quake!

  2. I didnt watch.

    I have a job

  3. It was overblown.

  4. I heard excellent coverage on 97.5 the fanatic (sports talk sounds better
    on fm) Mikey Miss even called on a seismologist. I only listened briefly
    to the Burger King he also touched on it. that is the station that bills itself
    as sportstalk. Then I moved on to WFAN they were talking to Peter Gammons about Jim Thome being a long shot going to the Phillies.
    What a concept sports talk on a sports talk station maybe it will come
    to Philadelphia

  5. Channel 6, I need a serious anchor with a serious approach when dealing with major news like Jim Gardner

  6. Robert //CityWide Weather

    At the moment, I couldn’t get Channel 6 so I went to where I could watch Brian Taff and Meteorologist Adam Joseph delivering the latest information.

    Onward, I was flipping from CBS3 t0 NBC10 to FOX29.

    Even after watching FOX29 for less than 20 minutes, I noticed that they didn’t have great coverage of the breaking news event. Some stations reported that the depth of the Earthquake was nearly 4 miles deep, which was incorrect. The depth of the ‘quake was later corrected to 0.6 of a mile. Although, FOX29 was slow in correcting this error of miss-information. After this earthquake, I would not turn to WTXF-DT for my breaking news stories.

    From the little coverage I saw, 6abc was right on point and offered information that other stations didn’t bring to the table until later.

    CBS3’s Ukee Washington seemed overwhelmed by the situation and the multitude of information that was coming into the newsroom as he spoke live. Overall, he did a very good job. The station reported that Philadelphia International Airport had been closed for a short period of time….again, incorrect. Ukee got someone on the phone to correct this error and find out the right information for the viewers. Justin Drabick did well in the weather center.

    NBC10’s Tracy Davidson did an amazing job!! At the top of the hour, when I couldn’t get 6, I turned to NBC10. She was very poised and seemed very in control and informed. She didn’t stutter much either. Mrs. Davidson also brought a certain gravitas to the news story without over-hyping the situation as well. Well done. If breaking news ever happened again, I’d definitely turn to NBC10 News as an alternative aswell as CBS3’s Eyewitness News.

  7. I had on 6, Taff seemed to do a good job, Gardner seemed solid as always. AJ actually had some useful stuff on “The Big Board” and at times it seemed rather conversational on the set, even off camera (Gardner to Joseph, Taff to Pellman)

    For some reason, that seemed really… real. This is what we know… This is what I know from college…

    6 also seemed to be able to kick their reporters into high gear, it’s times like this that their deep bench shines.

    I wonder how bad Rick felt not being able to make puns…

  8. I watched streaming Fox 29. I thought Thomas Drayton, Kerry Barrett & John Bolaris did a great job of trying to make sense from the many different agencies sending info to the newsroom (SEPTA, City, Airport, PATCO). Streamed never buffered or froze, which made it especially appealing to watch in an office that doesn’t have a television.

  9. I was at work when the earthquake hit and I had no radio or TV to tune into, so I first logged onto from my cell phone to find out latest on the earthquake.

    When I got home, I had the TV tuned into channel 6 for the rest of the afternoon. Jim Gardner was solid, straight forward, and accurate in delivering the breaking news as it happened. Adam Joseph did a nice job in his description of the earthquake, how it happened, and did a nice presentation on the Big Board. Brian Taff was not too bad either during the 4 or 5 PM newscasts. Same for Monica Malpass. The reporters, John Rawlins, Kenneth Moton, Cathy Gandolfo, and Walter Perez all did a fine job while out in the field. I didn’t change the channel at all.

    On the radio, I tuned into news-talk station 710 WOR-AM up in NYC to find out what was going on up there. WOR comes in pretty well in the Philly area. Joe Bartlett, the station’s morning news anchor, filled in for afternoon host Steve Malzberg, and took in phone calls from listeners from the NYC area and elsewhere who all described what they were doing and what they saw during the earthquake. Bartlett also reported on the latest information relating to the earthquake, and that the station even aired NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s live news conference over the air, and his reaction to the earthquake. For a news-talk station, they had great coverage.

  10. KYW-AM did a great job with the earthquake coverage.

  11. I will say this — I bet our young friend Robert City Wide (aka Sponge Bob) would have done as good as job IF NOT BETTER than most of the people listed above.

    I am quite impressed with Robert’s budding knowledge and the knack to identify and relate to some of the better ones in town

    Question for guys like Marv and Hal Sacks:
    Robert is a real eager young guy with a big future ahead of him.
    How can we HELP him in his efforts to move forward?

    Can we make some introductions for him ?

    WJ — Trying to help our friend out 🙂

  12. Not to be too negative here, but I believe no young person should seek a career in radio or television today. Many of the academic institutions that are taking up to $200,000 (or more?) from sincere parents are cheating them (if you look at college as preparation for a specific life course).

    No matter what an individual’s talent or commitment is, it cannot overcome the economic tidal wave that has engulfed the industry.
    Yes, 6ABC has just expanded news an hour a day, and everyone now comes on at 4:30 am. Try to look ahead 10 years, do you really believe there will be 4 full local news operations in our city?

  13. Ukee was the first I saw when I came home and handled the breakdown of communications lines very well, even explaining to the viewers how he could not hear through his earpiece, again due to the quake’s interruption of digital communications such as the monitors and transmission segues especially when three switched between ukee and the CBS Network feed.
    Channel 6 as always did a great job explaining the quake in detail and the professional banter between anchors and reporters on the scenes. Great Job 3 and 6! Fox 29 I did not watch because they are horrible and Bolaris is no expert at all!

  14. Marv brings up some good advice. That being said, what type of viable alternatives are there for our budding star Robert?

    Should he pursue something online?

    How can we all help him out?

  15. Unfortunately, 6ABC’s DTV signal doesn’t come in well in our house. It just got really bad recently so it’s CBS3 or Fox29 for us.

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