Memorable WYSP DJs

Who are some of your favorite WYSP DJs?  Some that come to mind – Anita, Debbie Calton, Andre Gardner, and Randy Kotz.


8 responses to “Memorable WYSP DJs

  1. Remember Scruff Connors? He did mornings right before Stern. At points, very funny. He did a dial a date segment in which he used to ask women if they would “honk on Bobo”. Though I haven’t really listened in years, WYSP was the soundtrack of my young adulthood, and it will be missed. All so we can listen to Angelo Cataldi be annoying in stereo. At least the insufferable midget Eskin will be gone.

  2. Certainly not Couzin Ed, Kidd Chris, or Danny Bonaduce

  3. Those who “knew” Anita, LOVED her!!!

  4. Anita and Steveski

  5. Three cheers for Renee, she knows.

  6. Ask Anita was a little before my time. Was she married to the late Warren Zevon?

  7. I’m with you, Laura. Thank you.

  8. Let’s not forget Lynn Kratz on overnights. I called her one night when I was supposed to be asleep and she sent me out a whole bunch of bumper stickers that ended up on my bed. They all said things like “Ozzy rocks 94.1 WYSP” or “Van Halen rocks 94.1 WYSP”. There actually WAS one included that said “Anita rocks WYSP”…

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