WYSP Goodbyes – Bonaduce, Metal Shop Reunion

Danny Bonaduce’s final morning show will be Friday.

There will be a WYSP Metal Shop reunion show, Saturday, August 27 from 8 p.m. to midnight hosted by Mark “King Of Dirt” DiDia and “Mean Ed” Green.


7 responses to “WYSP Goodbyes – Bonaduce, Metal Shop Reunion

  1. later, dirt bag.

  2. Good riddance.

    Untalented washed up mockery of himself at this point.

    Actually, that also describes Angelo Cataldi

  3. When will the next round of 94 goodbyes come? Angelo, Rhea, Glen, Cuz,
    Big Daddy etc.the sooner the better

  4. Especially Rhea. She should put a little more effort into being a mother.

  5. Remember “Metal Shop”? I loved that show. It was filthy and dirty before Stern.

  6. For the final Radio show on 94WYSP they should ask Howard Stern himself to make an appearance, after all it was he who led ysp to ratings success and they indeed suffered without him!

  7. Rhea is stealing money! The entire crew is washed up! new blood is much needed.

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