Anita Returns To WYSP Tuesday

Former WYSP personality Anita will return to the airwaves on 94.1-FM Tuesday, August 30 at 1 p.m.

Anita will be broadcasting from her home base of Los Angeles, where she works for Shadow Traffic.  She is also working on  a book about her days in rock and roll and radio.

6 responses to “Anita Returns To WYSP Tuesday

  1. Anita — the new Oprah around here.

    Give it a break. Enough already with this D-List non-celebrity

  2. WJ—-you couldn’t be more right!

  3. WJ is being way too kind, more like the W list.

  4. Megan and Connected — You are both too kind.

    I agree – enough with this ex-YSP nonsense.

    They were yesterday’s news 15 years ago.

  5. Who is this Anita??

  6. Maceo, she an old ho.

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