CBS3 Hurricane Info

Here’s some behind the scenes information about the CBS3 hurricane coverage courtesy of CBS3:

CBS 3 has been on the air continuously more than any other Philadelphia television station — we will be on until 6 p.m. today before clearing the CBS Evening News which would clock in at 37 hours of continuous local coverage. CBS 3’s Eyewitness News team went on the air at 5 a.m. Saturday with Morning Anchors Ukee Washington and Erika von Tiehl kicking off the marathon newscast. Anchors Chris May and Susan Barnett relieved the a.m. team at 2 p.m. staying on the air until early Sunday morning. The teams have been rotating since that time. The entire Eyewitness News weather team of Kathy Orr, Kate Bilo, Justin Drabick and Carol Erickson were on duty all weekend along with Traffic Reporter Bob Kelly as well Even new CBS 3 Morning Meteorologist Katie Fehlinger who doesn’t officially start on-air at the station until September 5, got an early introduction to Philadelphia audiences when she filed a report from WCBS in New York for CBS 3.on Saturday and Sunday.


CBS Network programming on Saturday was broadcast on sister station WPSG-TV (The CW Philly). The CW Philly also simulcast some of CBS 3’s live news coverage as did sister CBS Radio stations WPHT which aired CBS 3 audio overnight Saturday and 94 WYSP which aired it 6-10 a.m. Sunday as a public service.


Many of the CBS 3 new staffers passed on nearby hotel accommodations to stay at the station all night including the station management team, including VP/News Director Susan Schiller, President/General Manager Jon Hitchcock and Chief Meteorologist Kathy Orr who stayed at the station around the clock.


The station’s locally-based closed captioning service, Philadelphia Captioning, stayed with the station 24/7 as well with two court reporters captioning the newscast rotating in two hour shifts.


9 responses to “CBS3 Hurricane Info

  1. That’s why them pay em the big bucks. Besides Orr never met a camera she didnt like.

  2. All those news people love their self-importance, so they never would say no to a camera.

  3. they love the attention! Ego is a real thiing! KO

  4. How to cope with a massive, life-threatening storm: Spend a couple of days in an air conditioned environment with working lavatories, easy access to food and no water on the floor to slosh around in.

  5. The extensive media coverage on every channel was too much. However, I did notice the weather forecasters on channel 3 and 10 that I normally do not watch. I believe Kate Bilo is new to channel 3. She’s very nice to look at (regardless of her forecast). Michelle Gorman on channel 10 was also looking “Voluptuous” and seemed dressed to impress all weekend.

  6. That would be Michelle Grossman on NBC10.

    Most people dont watch her for the weather reports

  7. Grossman’s face is just that, gross!

  8. Robert //CityWide Weather

    6abc had great coverage of this event! Brian Taff and Alicia Vitarelli were anchoring over-night and both did a fantastic job interacting with the viewers and sharing up-to-the minute information. When Brian and Shirleen were anchoring, things didn’t go as smoothly. It seemed as though Brian was just anchoring alone while Shirleen sat there & didn’t know what to say and how to ad-lib the information. I will say this about Alicia, she is a good anchor and lightens up the mood in serious situations, when need be. Adam Joseph and Melissa Magee did fantastic coverage of the entire event. Bravo to them – flawless. 6abc also managed to have enough on-air talent to keep the broadcasts going. Every other station in town seemed understaffed – including CBS3 who had been on for more than 30 hours.

    NBC10’s Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz explained the event in a more scientific way and didn’t just simply everything – like most stations tend to do. Tracy Davidson did well, also.

    In defense of Michelle Grossman, she is a true meteorologist who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the science of forecasting. With a good on-air presence, she also knows how to handle rough situations when it comes to breaking weather information. NBC10 should be proud to have her – she’s a trooper!

    I didn’t watch much of Fox29…after seeing their earthquake coverage, I didn’t stick around for hurricane news/weather. They also seemed under-staffed.

  9. Unless I missed it, the CBS3 press release boasting about the people working at the station makes absolutely no mention of the employees who could’ve been hit by flying debris, live downed power lines, etc: THE PHOTOGRAPHERS AND REPORTERS WHO WERE OUT IN THE REAL WORLD. Their video and information must have been some use.

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