Fox29 Bails Out of Hurricane Coverage First

It appears the Fox29 is the first station to bail out of Hurricane Irene coverage, airing regular programming on Sunday.

8 responses to “Fox29 Bails Out of Hurricane Coverage First

  1. Well it’s not raining anymore and the storm has passed so I think they made the right decision. All the other stations is just doing flood coverage which can be saved for the 6pm news.

  2. Why would anyone want to cover something this is over?

  3. z z z z zz z…………….yawwnnnn, lets type about the 1st station to stop covering nothing………..

  4. There should have been no more coverage of this after 12pm.

  5. What were you expecting?

    More coverage from a winter blizzard to be ongoing into May?

    Believe it or not, other things do go on in this world besides local news…


  6. And when did she fall from grace? Wasn’t she the 10PM lead anchor? Now they have her in a baseball cap knee-deep in water! Yikes, something went terribly wrong for her!!!

  7. As opposed to that usual compelling Sunday afternoon programming? Simple solution for those not interested in ongoing coverage….go elsewhere. Problem solved.

  8. Perhaps one should practice what they preach.

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