The Sky Is Blue

Some of the posts are getting so mean on this board, I bet you would argue with me about writing the sky is blue.  Go for it!

10 responses to “The Sky Is Blue

  1. Everyone gets fed up with the entertainment BS, especially the local celebs, who seem full of themselves most of the time, and that leaves your readers, to do nothing but comment on these annoying local celebs, and im using the term “celebs” loosely. And the negativety comes out on you and them from us.

  2. The sky is purple!

  3. Sky was gray most of the weekend.

  4. What I don’t understand the negativity toward YOU! Carrying on about the anchors is half the fun; finding blunders in their reporting or their particular style is OK….that’s the real purpose of this site — a critique of local media. If people have such a giant issue with what you post, go to another site — last I looked, we’re still in a democracy. To criticize your posts is absurd — if they don’t like what you post…MOVE ON.

  5. Good concept, JayWex, but it can be tough to move on when the lead complainers can’t find the way out of mommy’s basement.

  6. It’s all in a day’s work!
    The site is very good and sometimes people just look to pounce on the obvious. No problems with me!

  7. Way to go team, most of us enjoy a good laugh at the expense of the ego-maniacs aka local news talking heads.

  8. Didn’t Laura used to put the knife in at times when she had a print column?

    It feels different when one is the knifee.

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