New WIP Lineup Debuts Tuesday

The new WIP lineup avec Michael Barkann, sans Howard Eskin debuts Tuesday.

So is Barkann, who already is practically on every show on Comcast SportsNet, doing too much joining WIP?  Will we get Barkann burnout?

4 responses to “New WIP Lineup Debuts Tuesday

  1. I will be defintely be listening to see how he does as a radio host versus a Tv host.

  2. Makes you wonder, isnt there anyone else, with some fresh new ideas, that WIP can hire. Maybe someone on TV that only gets a minute or 2 to talk about sports? Or maybe they arent knowledgeable enough to talk sports with credibility for more than 1 or 2 minutes and a few hours on an all-sports station with expose them as frauds?

  3. Hmmm, having a TV host doing middays on a Philadelphia FM sports talk station. Haven’t I seen this before (looks at The Fanatic).

  4. I was not expecting Ike Reese to be the host, I thought barkann was the host and Reese was the Co-host. Makes no sense

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