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The Comcast Network and Comcast SportsNet Look Back on September 11

 “Voice of Reason,” “It’s Your Call” and “Art Fennell Reports” will air live programs as the Nation looks back at the events and aftermath of September 11

 Comcast SportsNet Airs Special Edition of “Net Impact Philly”

 PHILADELPHIA- (September 6, 2011) – The Comcast Network and Comcast SportsNet reflect on the tragic events of September 11, 2001 with special programming which honors and remembers the lives that were forever changed on that tragic day. “It’s Your Call,” “Art Fennell Reports” and “Voice of Reason” will air live shows that evening. “Roll Call TV’s” Robert Traynham will have live reports from Washington, DC throughout all three programs.

Comcast SportsNet will focus on how the sports world was impacted by the events of September 11th beginning in “Daily News Live” on Friday, September 9 and on “SportsNite” throughout the weekend. Members of the Philly’s sports teams will share their memories of September 11th and the impact it had on the sports world. The network will also air a special edition of “Net Impact Philly,” focusing on the effect of September 11th on our local sports community. “’Net Impact Philly” debuts on Sunday, September 11 at 7:30 p.m.

“It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle”

Lynn Doyle will revisit some of the people who Americans have come to know so well over the last ten years and update viewers on their decade of recovery. Each of the individuals on the program played an important part in our coverage since 2001. Guests include Ellen Saracini, Edward Turzanski, Judi Reiss, Pamela Pruitt and Marwan Kreidie.

Ellen’s husband Victor was the pilot of the second plane to hit the World Trade Center. She and her daughters are one of 17 families in the Bucks County community that suffered a loss and became an outspoken advocate for the victims’ families. She was also the driving force behind having the Garden of Reflection Memorial built to memorialize the Bucks County victims and has aided in the development of the Bush Admistration’s Anti-Terrorism policy.

Edward Turzanski, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute/Professor, LaSalle University/ National Security analyst: We first met Ed the night of September 11 when he appeared with our first briefing on the terrorist attacks and provided insight into Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. Subsequently, he became our “go to” expert on all events related to September 11, and later, the two wars that occurred as a result.

Judi Reiss’ son Josh was just 23 when he died in the Cantor Fitzgerald building on September 11. While he was one of five children, Judi was unable to function for nearly 8 years after her son was murdered, virtually ignoring her other children in her grief. We will learn what finally enabled her to move on, accept Josh’s death and reconnect with her kids. We will also talk to Josh’s siblings, as their grief is different from their parents.

Pamela Pruitt was working in the Wall Street Journal building across from the trade centers and watched the planes hit the buildings. After getting her own employees out of her building, she returned to her corner office and watched the tragic events of the next hour unfold, including watching people jump to their deaths. Afterwards, she suffered enormous survivor’s guilt and she has shared her story of recovery over the years.

Marwan Kreidie was, and remains, the president of the Arab American Association. He has become an outspoken advocate for American Muslims, whom he felt were being unfairly judged because of the actions of radicals. He discusses the changes in the Arab American community since September 11th and shares his perspective on whether things have improved in terms of acceptance, tolerance and understanding.

In addition, Doyle will take live phone calls from viewers.

“Art Fennell Reports”:

Art will report live from Ground Zero and will look back at the news coverage of September 11th and how the lives of some very special people have changed since then. Fennell will speaks with Marlton’s Melody Homer, widow of Leroy Homer the co-pilot of Flight 93, that crashed into the field in Shanksville, PA and Monica Iken, the founder of September’s Mission, a nationally recognized nonprofit organization devoted to building a positive and meaningful legacy out of the events surrounding September 11th. Iken lost her husband Michael, a bond broker on the 84th floor of Tower Two, in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Fennell also report on the progress on the September 11th Memorial and Museum.


“Voice of Reason”

Larry Kane sits down with former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, the nation’s first Director of Homeland Security who played an integral role in the country’s fight against terrorism. Larry also speaks with Paul Rothman, who was working in the World Trade Center and escaped from the 74th floor after the first tower was hit, and the parents of Port Authority Police Officer Kenny Tietjen, who died in the rubble. They’ll share with viewers how their life has changed since that tragic day.


In studio that evening will be two local congressmen, Rob Andrews (D) of New Jersey and Pat Meehan (R) of Pennsylvania.


Comcast SportsNet’s Net Impact Philly:

“Remembering Richie”

Richie Stewart was a standout hockey player at Upland Country Day School. A leader on the ice, he set the single season scoring record before heading to the Lawrence School in New Jersey, where he became captain of their hockey team in his Junior and Senior year. But Richie was more than just a standout hockey player; he was the consummate teammate – always there to lend a hand, compassionate to others, and all about family.


When his playing days were over, the former class president and scholar athlete headed to New York City to work for the famous firm of Cantor Fitzgerald and though his weeks were busy, on Friday nights he would lend a helping hand to feed the homeless at a church on the Upper East Side. This story honors the memory of Richie, as told by his friends and those who played with him and how they remember him.


“Standing Tall”

The community at West Chester University honors a former quarterback, Marine and pilot who had his plane hijacked and flown into the North Tower on September 11th. . A tribute to Michael Horrocks features the dedication of a statue of him near the end zone at West Chester University’s football field. We hear from his teammates, fellow Marines, and the daughter who never saw him play, as a poignant ceremony unfolds with the statue dedication. Present members of the football team honor his memory by touching his statue as they pass by on their way to the field before every game.


“The Garden of Reflection…Classic Venue”

This stunning memorial in Bucks County honors those 18 people who perished in the tragedy of 9/11. We focus on the beauty of reflection through symbolic water fountains, a piece of the WTC and the names of those lost that day etched in glass surrounding the memorial. We speak to the organizer of the 5K run that goes through this memorial, with all proceeds of the event helping to fund the maintenance of the site.


“Ties that Bind”

Rick Tocchet was a member of the Philadelphia Flyers on September 11th. He was on the practice ice when he was told about the attacks. What he didn’t know at the time, was that his friend Hank Graziozo, was dealing with the heart wrenching news that

both of his sons who worked in the Towers, had died. Just this week, Rick and Hank visited Ground Zero for the first time,

to reflect on that day and Hank’s strength as he moved on after his almost unimaginable loss.


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