6ABC Sets Facebook Milestone

From 6ABC:

(Philadelphia, PA) – Four years ago this month, 6abc was the first local television station to seed the social network landscape.  Today, Philadelphia’s leading news station reached a six-figure milestone – 100,000 LIKES!  The 100k fan plateau only tells part of the story, as the Action News fan page facebook.com/6abc.ActionNews is one of the most successful broadcast Facebook pages in America.  In September alone, the pioneering Facebook page acquired 27 million post views and 46 million interactions.  “This is now a primary way for us to stay connected to our news viewers,” says President & General Manager, Bernie Prazenica.  “But it’s grown to be so much more than just a place to be social.  Facebook is now a source for content, and it’s a platform for citizen journalism.”

Actions News’ 35-year preference on television is equally shared on Facebook, almost equaling the competition combined!***  In addition to owning the #1 local news page on Facebook, Action News also offers the most popular on-air personality pages in the market.  Adam Joseph, with nearly 23,000 followers, actually has more subscribers than CBS3.  All told, 6abc Action News has more than 30 talent pages, totaling more than 144,000 LIKES!  6abc’s entire Facebook footprint now exceeds 280,000 subscribers!

*** Page                                  LIKE’s

6abc Action News                101,000

Fox29                                       59,000
NBC10                                     41,000
6abc’s Adam Joseph            22,800
CBS3                                       22,200

6abc is also using Twitter® to reach its consumers, with more than 75,000 followers across all Action News accounts.  Jim Gardner, the most trusted name in local news, can be found on Twitter@Jim_Gardner.

 WPVI-TV is the ABC owned station serving the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys.


One response to “6ABC Sets Facebook Milestone

  1. Laura, I like your posts overall, but you are basically a shill for 6ABC. It is blatantly obvious in your posts. Do you try to be fair to the other stations? We know they are the number one station but your bias is glaring.

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