Ruggles Out In AM on NBC10

We hear that Terry Ruggles is being replaced on the NBC10 weekday morning news with weekend morning anchor Stacey Stauffer.  Starting Monday, the new morning team will be Stauffer, Lori Wilson, Bill Henley, and Jillian Mele.  Ruggles is expected to continue as a reporter for Channel 10.


84 responses to “Ruggles Out In AM on NBC10

  1. Two female anchors is always a bad idea…just like having two male anchors. Having a M/F anchor team just seems more natural.

  2. Jacqueline Wilson

    I much prefer Terry Ruggles to Stacy Stauffer. I liked the l morning weekday lineup as it was. Terry was a good replacement for Steve Levy; I never thought of changing the channel. It might be time to channel surf for a new early morning news show. I first thought he was leaving due to illness. But, from the sounds of this blurb it doesn’t sound like it.

  3. Jacqueline Wilson

    I agree. I like the rapport of a M/F team. Maybe this will be temporary.

  4. Definitely changing the channel. Enjoyed Terry’s reporting the news.

    • I have to agree I loved watching Terry with Aditi Roy & also with Lori Wilson. I’m not liking this new pairing of Lori & Stephanie.


    Nice to see how seriously the Philly stations take the Lehigh Valley area. NBC is taking their reporter and putting her on the desk full time, CBS hasn’t had anyone since Liz Keptner was promoted (and since fired) from the anchor desk, and Fox has never had a LV reporter. The only Philly station that tries (and I can actually watch for more than a few minutes) is Ch 6. The only time we matter is during a snow storm (and then we get to watch NBC go into “everyone is going to be snowed in for a week super duper red alert mode”). Thank goodness I don’t have to depend on stations where someone is always getting fired, the anchor lineup on a newscast changes every six months or the veteran reporters/meteorologists are forced to retire or cut back on hours so they can make way for some twenty-something model with a fake smile. I feel sorry for people in the city of Philadelphia having to watch what these stations pass off as news.

  6. Stacey Stauffer seems too giggly. they should have brought back Aditit Roy but it seems shes doing more reporting for NBC. They had a great team with levy, Colla and Hneley when they launched the morning news many years ago

    • Jacqueline Wilson

      Levy retired to Colorado and I think they did well with Ruggles. He possesses the seriousness needed for an anchor but he could be “light” once in a while. I liked Aditi Roy. She seems to be half national and half Philly right now. You put Stacy Stauffer and Michelle the meteorologist together and it becomes painful- I just wonder what they were thinking of when they made this change.

    • They were the best. You could feel the vibe between them… No so much anymore….

  7. I really don’t watch the morning news shows but it seems like Terry and Lori made a good team. Wish NBC 10 would do more with Cydney Long. She did good work when she was on CBS 3. Get rid of Justin Pizzi or send him back to the 10 Show.

  8. I liked Terry Ruggles too – he was a reliable newsman who stabilized the show. I think they made an unfortunate choice – just because someone has been there 30 years doesn’t mean they’re past their usefulness and need to be replaced by someone new. I’m disappointed.

    • Jacqueline Wilson

      I am glad to find out other people feel like I do. I really think Terry was an asset to the morning news and the station. I liked his reliability and professionalism. I liked his sense of humor. Morning anchors hold a special place for many of us. I’m very disappointed in Channel 10.

  9. Can’t believe that NBC10 moved Stacey Stauffer from weekends to move Terry Ruggles from his anchor posiiton during the week. Next thing you know, the parent NBC will be making Ann Curry a co-anchor on The Today Show. What, that happened already! Time to switch to WPVI in the morning to catch the 6ABC crew followed by GMA.

  10. Well, that does it for me for mornings at Channel 10. Terry was great in that spot and I was thrilled when Lori Wilson came on, too. Don’t care for Stauffer. Oh well….

  11. I liked the team of Terry and Stacy; both my wife and I are very disappointed with how NBC handles transitions; we may look to Ch 6; if they want to get rid of anyone, it should be the bow tie who puts us to sleep; Terry was real and funny. Lori is okay but 2 women has a very different feel than a f/m co anchors. And what is Aditi still doing filling in??? I thought she left? Seems like there is chaos at NBC10.

  12. Just like Fox 29 did, NBC 10 is making some CRAZY changes. In fact, too many changes. Philly likes consistency, and the more often you change a team, the less often people are going to watch you.

  13. I was so glad to see Aditi Roy go. I can’t stand Terry Ruggles either. I really like Lori Wilson and Bill Henley. Stacy is a definite improvement.

  14. Why is Terry gone from the news? I watched him for years and thought he was great. I don’t like the show as much now without his comments. Big mistake letting him go.

  15. Aditi anchors the 7 and 10 PM newscasts, Monday-Friday.

  16. I am very dissappointed to hear that they replaced Terry Ruggles. I will be finding another news channel, that’s for sure! And I cannot stand to watch The Today Show anymore since Ann Curry took over, very bad choice!! Goodbye NBC!!

  17. Odd that the outgoing GM drops the hammer on Terry before going to the FOX station! The timing stinks! (Imagine: you say goodbye to valued employees’out front’ folks….the anchors, the who did much to advance your career and, at the same time, giving the boot to a longtime valued anchor/reporter as his ‘parting glass.’ A classless act from a classless guy who will fit right in with the rubbish at FOX who manage that cesspool. (Let’s see how he and they do reporting Murdoch hacking and tapping)

    What timing!

  18. Has it been considered he tired of that morning routine and could have felt it was time to change himself?

  19. Huh, NBC does local news in Philly? How knew, or more to the point, who doesn’t watch 6-ABC Philly? Jim Gardner rocks, and love how he tweets with his audience.

    • Jacqueline Wilson

      Jim Gardner doesn’t do the morning news. They don’t seem to mess with the evening news anchors. I remember Jim Gardner with Jim O’Brien doing the weather. I don’t like the changes NBC 10 has made.

      • There is a saying that a fish rots from the head down. In the case of 6-ABC, the cream rises to the top, and in this regard, Jim sets the tone for the channel. The stability with staff and their early and continued commitment to technology (especially mobile) is very impressive. In many ways their station reminds me of news outlets in much smaller (especially Midwest) markets where there is also low turnover and consistency with their talent.

      • Jacqueline Wilson

        My husband suggested that perhaps Terry asked to be moved to position that required less hours. He did have some health problems a while back. Perhaps he needed to work fewer hours. I have been looking around at other morning news shows. I like Bill Henley’s weather. Is he enough to stay with 10?

  20. well I agree I will miss Terry Ruggles…mostly because he was a trainwreck and you never knew what was going to come out of his mouth. I especially loved it when he would make an off the wall comment and to see the faces on Matt Lauer and Anne Currys faces haha I will miss that!

    • Penny – You are so on the mark! Matt was always professional, but you could just see the dread in his eyes when he had to talk with Terry. Ruggles would do anything he could, making odd convesation, to extend his screen time with the national anchors of the Today Show. It was uncomfortable to watch, but at the same time, hysterical!!

  21. I was completely surprised that Terry Ruggles is no longer the co-anchor for the show. I really do not like Lori Wilson. She always seemed to try to intimidate Terry Ruggles. Seriously, he could probably report the news with his eyes closed. Lori always tried to suggest that he just wasn’t hip. He was such a pleasure to watch. I actually like Stacey Stauffer and I love Bill Henley and Jillian. However, where and why would they have replaced Terry Ruggles? He was the one reason I would watch because he was such a pleasant person and a lovely personality. I love his on air relationship with Aditi Roy. I am glad to see she is back in the evening. But please bring back Terry and can Lori Wilson. Her expression when she is reporting are rather scary.

  22. I like Stacey ,big improvement . Terry was OK but nothing great.Bill ok bring on Michelle

  23. Definitely need a M/F team. I’ve been a loyal viewer for years. Maybe not much longer. Should have gotten rid of Lori instead of Terry. He and Aditi were great. Even Terry and Stacy is OK. I love everything about Terry on air. Please bring him back and dump Lori.

  24. i want terry ruggles back on channel 10 news in the am. do not like two

    women reporting. too many giggles.

  25. Let’s see – I stopped watching the Today show with the addition of Anne Curry as co-anchor – what a trainwreck. Now with Terry gone and the addition of Stacy Stauffer, it is a permanent goodbye to NBC in the morning!

  26. I do like Terry Ruggles; but felt the show was kind of awkward at times with him. I did always change the channel back to another local news channel.
    I thought they made the right decision; i think people should give it some time to get use to the changes. I wish Terry the best.

  27. I watched because of Terry Ruggles…they lose one view here. I agree – let Lori go.

  28. If anyone should be sitting at the anchor desk, it’s Jillian. She’s a natural and just fun to watch/listen to.

  29. I really liked the morning news as it was. Stacy Stauffer is not my favorite pick. It seems that Channel 10 has a lot of turnover with their news desk. Just as you get comfortable with a group they change it up. This move was a bad idea! Bring Terry back.


  31. I’m not a Stacy fan, nor a Lori fan. Terry was fine. Now it’s not a morning news station for me.

  32. I loved watching Stacy and Melissa every weekend. Congrats Stacy, Ruggles was tough to watch

  33. I only watch the nbc10 in the a.m. for Bill Henley and Terry Ruggles, the females are all interchangeable. Jillian is ok. I don’t like Lori Wilson too much. I don’t like to see these stations can the old faithful anchors, we old folks like them just fine. A bunch of female cackling in the morning, well I just can’t take that, and I am one.

  34. morning show not the same without Terry Ruggles-not a nice thing to do to someone after a dedicated 30 years of service-switching to abc morning news


  35. Everyone is blaming nbc but it sounds like Terry Ruggles stepped down on his own . I didnt care for him it was time for a replacement.

  36. I am glad Terry is gone. He tried to be funny and was not.

  37. Wow! Lots of haters out there!!! I loved Terry and Aditi together they were great! I loved Stacey/Michele on the weekend enjoyed waking up with them on Sunday morning. Congratulations to Stacey on her promotion, but I miss Terry and Aditi weekdays. I wish you well Terry, I hope all is well. Oh yeah, love watching Bill and Jillian too!

  38. bring Ruggles back, unless he is happy whereever. I’m very sad about the treatment given to people we learn to care about and respect. WHAT were you thinking? Not thinking or caring about your people or your viewers! I’ll be looking for Ruggles and I hope you’ll do RIGHT by him, we miss him and again, I’m just sad.

  39. 6am NBC10 addict

    Hopefully Terry requested the move, but I wonder because I caught some very queer interactions between Terry and Lori one morning. Can’t put my finger on it, but was not a good camera moment. I too think Terry at times tried to be funny, but was not. Just sayin!

  40. I really liked Terry Ruggles. He and Aditi were the best. It is best to bring Terry and Aditi back and dump Stacey and Lori.

  41. This is a bad all around move. Its bad enough they have Lori Wilson on there, but now to add Staci is a joke. They both act like highschool kids giggling up there. I hope the management staff comes to their senses. Terry was a great fit for the am spot..

  42. Please bring back Terry Ruggle to the morning news anchor chair.

    I like to see the same famous in the morning. Terry was doing a great job, since you can’t be loyal to your tv watcher that I won’t be loyal to your news station.

  43. What is NBC10 doing? Are they nuts or what? Terry was the best! He talked to us likee we were his neighbors – maybe because that’s what we all are!

  44. thats it for nbc morning news . everytime you get comfortable with newscasters …bingo a change. Ruggles tried to hold it together but this Lori Wilson is not a news person ….more suitable for a goody goody type show.

  45. I thought there were a lot of uncomfortable moments with Terry, especially during the Today Show anchors. Stacey is very pleasant and competent. I think Lori is very good as well. I’m very pleased with the change. Channel 10 is my number 1 morning news show now.

    • Jacqueline Wilson

      I never got the feeling the Today Show was uncomfortable with Terry. In fact, Matt Lauer would bring up past things they talked about–especially food. I always felt the Today show liked Terry. I enjoyed the interaction between all of them. I still miss Terry. I don’t have a problem with Lori. I was surprised people mentioned her. I’ve been checking out other morning shows and Channel 6 GMA guy is very personable with the local Philly anchors (like the Today Show people were with Terry). I do turn back to Channel 10 to get Bill Henley’s weather right before the Today Show starts.

  46. I liked Lori and Terry together and wondered why all of a sudden Terry was no longer there. Lori and Stacey are ok together. They tend to gush from time to time, but I think that adds something too. As long as they don’t move Bill, I’m fine. He’s perfect for the morning weather!

  47. I missed Terry’s goodbye and explanation of him resuming regular reporting. Did he say goodbye or just disappear with no comments? Love Lori and remember when she was on the 10 Show. Hopefully Stacey will grow on me as I would ate to give up Lori, Bill and Jillan.

  48. Terry was a good guy and I liked the male/female combo. Have been a channel 10 guy for the 20 years I have lived here, but need a change now.

  49. I really dislike Lori Wilson, her face is scary while reporting the news. Stacy is O.K Jillian should be with her instead of Lori. Send Lori to traffic.

    • There’s nothing wrong with Lori Wilson, and I wonder why those comments were made about her and not the other ladies?. I was surprised when I saw Jillian do traffic, anchor and the 10 show…there is some favoritism there. Why are there so many women??? Where the male anchors??? WCAU your high turnover rate is bad for your reputation.

  50. Really sad to see Terri Ruggles leave the anchor position. I enjoyed waking up to see him every morning—like a trusted old friend. I really dislike having him removed from that position without any explanation whatsoever!! It makes me worry that anytime someone is gone for a few days of vacation—that they may actually be “gone”. I miss Terri—but I realize this may have been his decision to cut hours or something. I wish he and his family the best!

  51. I was wondering what happened. So, I googled and wow….they must be insane at CBS. I noticed that Bill Hemmer is gone too. Well, that’s it for me and CBS. I am moving on to another channel. Certainly miss the bantering among the old crew. Now it is like watching a wine and cheese party. NO THANKS.

  52. She is awful..she stumbles over the words and never put the inflection in the sentences correctly so it’s difficutl to understand what she is saying. I have switched. You should bring Terry back for sure!!!

  53. If Terry didn’t leave of his own accord, I believe it’s because of his age. It seems as if all news personalities these days have to be 30 or younger. There’s a new woman on Channel 6 who actually shows cleavage. I’m not a prude by any means, but there’s a time and place for that and it’s not on the news! The networks do not care about the older viewers – everything is geared toward those who are young. Don’t understand why – older people have more disposable income to purchase what the sponsors are selling. Best of luck to Terry in whatever he’ll be doing.

  54. I caught that awkward moment between Terry and Lori as well. She looked digusted with him. Lori never seemed quiet right for the task. From that point on all I could see is snob. I also remember Stacey Stauffer as Stacey Weaver in WilkesBarre never really seemed quite up to the task. I was suprised to see both her and Jason what ever his name is…make to the move to a major city. They just don’t have the grit. As for Lori? Uuuugghhhh…….where to start. Bad move with taking Aditi away. I don’t watch ten news ANYMORE. Bad move all the way around NBC!!!!!!!!

    Also, I can no longer watch the Today Show with Ann Curry. She always seems so cold and uncaring. Faking emotions in her deep manly caring voice.

  55. Better if Lori Wilson were replaced. Contextually clueless is she

  56. I think Mr. Ruggles left the AM because he was annoyed and disenchanted by the lack of professionalism,acumen and accuracy displayed by the sorority-esque Lori Wilson. Mr. Ruggles presented the news in a manner that dignified individuals. He offered more facts than opinions and tended to disdain the gossipy cackle that now predominates. Glad to see you stumping for stories and out in the field giving INFORMATION. Thanks Mr. Ruggles!

  57. Lani Stulgaitis

    I’m not sure who they hope to attract as viewers, but if Terry Ruggles isn’t there, I have no interest in the show.

  58. lori w , is the best , just watching these past couple of days with her off , have been uninspiring , she is needed in the morning to give you the motivation to start the day, the last 2 days have just put me back to sleep

    ps i do miss Terry , though

  59. The show will not be the same, or as good, without Terry Ruggles. I looked forward to him every morning. The show has certainly gone downhill as Lori was no match for Aditi and Stacey is way out her league following Terry. It is now a gigly girly show instead of a professional morning program.
    I have switched to another network to see real professionals again.

  60. I can not watch this show in the morning–it has become silly and just plain stupid. Terry Ruggles while sometimes may not have always been PC, he was good–and believable. NBC what were you thinking—mornings stink !!

  61. I finally found out that Terry Ruggles is not coming back in the AM, I thought that it was only temporary and am very upset.watched every weekday morning at the gym at 5am. Not too crazy about the 2 female anchors. If it was a decision by the station hope they reconsider.


  63. I have tried very hard to keep watching nbc10 in the mornings, but the 2 woman you have anchoring the news are just not cutting it for me!! I looked forward to watching nbc news in the morning just to see Terry, Aditi and Bill. NBC makes more moves at their station than anything I have ever seen!! I am changing the channel. Sorry Bill Hennley, I really like you but I can’t stomache the anchors!!!

    • Jacqueline Wilson

      I do wonder if anyone from NBC10 reads these blurbs to see how the population feels. Does anyone know? I would think someone would have that assignment at the station. Terry has been doing field reporting on the evening news. Always well done.

  64. I can’t believe Terry is gone. What a huge mistake. Terry, Aditi Roy, Jillian and Bill Henly were the perfect combination. I am watching the news now and how bad is this? Real Bad. Terry we will miss you and wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do.

  65. Confusing! Aditi was appearing on the National News along with another Channel 10 Week-end anchor, who still appears on the Brian Williams news. I enjoyed Terry, who is an old timer with much experience, and Aditi, who had a happy personality. Years ago I enjoyed a week-end anchor, Monique, who had a super personality happy and smiling anchor. She is still a reporter and actually saw her as anchor this past week-end. I like all the current reporters but why the constant changing after viewers get use to the current anchors!!!Maybe they ought to change the mangers of the news.

  66. I watched terry ruggles and his crappy attitude and smart remarks for years. glad to see him leave! I think his ego was getting too big for everyone and it definitely showed in his communication with the rest of the morning crew. nbc made a great move pulling him, but I think they probably should have replaced him with another male…

  67. I definetely miss Terry Ruggles & although being a woman am aware of their struggles to get ahead, but for some reason a M/F team is more credible to watch!

  68. Karyl Fitzgerald

    I like the new line up as of August-the ladies who stepped in after Terry were a circus and seemed to try to outdo each other to the point they were unprofessional and trying to jump in on the weather and traffic, cutting into Bill and Jillian time. I was hoping Terry was just tired of the
    early mornings and taking it a little easier. Say hello to him for those of us who were concerned about his dissapearance!

  69. I just can’t believe Terry is not there every morning. It is just not the same without Terry. No one can replace or do the job as well as Terry Ruggles. He is one of the reasons I watched the morning news, to see him and his smile and laughter. There is NO one that can replace him in any shape or form. I did wonder where he was and missed his last day and kept waiting for someone to say why he was not there and hoping he was just taking a vacation or time off. Sorry to see that some didn’t like him. I felt he brought a lot to the show. I think he was great and will miss him big time.
    Please let him know how much he is missed and concerned about him not being there every morning. I didn’t know until researching to find out why a new young guy was in his place (I didn’t and don’t like it) and not just filling in for him. I thought he might have been out for surgery or something else. Terry I miss you! I wish you the best life has to offer you now and in the future.

  70. What has happened to Aditi Roy? I have not seen her lately on PHL 17 News at 10 or NBC Nonstop News.

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