Scott Graham Starring in NFL Post-Season

Philly broadcaster Scott Graham continues in his third season as part of the Dial Global Sports (formerly Westwood One) radio coverage of the NFL playoffs.

5 responses to “Scott Graham Starring in NFL Post-Season

  1. Congratulations to Scott. He has produced an excellent body of work. Wish he were doing Phillies games rather than Tom McCarthy. What do other readers think about that?

  2. Agree with JJ, maybe he should send Chris Wheeler a thank you card.

  3. Didn’t like Scott’s work with the Phillies and cannot take McCarthy on the Phillies broadcasts. He belongs back doing between innings gift giveaways at Trenton Thunder games!

  4. Don’t like either of their work with Phillies. McCarthy should be back doing between inning giveaways at Trenton Thunder, that is where he belongs!

  5. Scott Graham has a voice that sounds unnatural when he did phillies baseball. He sounded like someone trying to sound like an announcer. And iam not the only when that thought this, many onair commenatators on WIP and other members of media had this opinion. Good luck to him, but glad hes not doin phillies basesball anymore………….Scott Franzkee and Larry Andersen are the best currently at doing phils games…

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