Susan Powell’s Parents And Sister Talk To Dr. Phil

(Los Angeles, CA – February 9, 2012) – The parents and sister of Susan Powell will appear on DR. PHIL this Friday, February 10 (check local listings), to discuss last Sunday’s tragic events that took the lives of Powell’s children. 
Dr. Phil will find out how the family is coping with the heartbreaking loss of 7-year-old Charles and 5-year-old Braden and how they are dealing with the grieving process.  When the children were taken to the home of their father, Josh Powell, last Sunday for a court ordered visit by a social worker, Powell allowed the children to enter, but the social worker was locked out.  Moments later the house exploded killing Powell and his two young sons.  Susan Powell has been missing since December 2009. 
“We were concerned all the time that he could do something,” said Chuck Cox about his son-in-law.  Because of the court order “we had to let them go.  We understood the laws and the policies – it was beyond our control.” 
Cox also tells Dr. Phil he believes his daughter will eventually be found and there is indeed someone who knows what happened to Susan Powell. 
Also appearing on the show are Detective Ed Troyer of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department who gives details on the police investigation of the murder-suicide, attorney Anne Bremner who is representing Chuck and Judy Cox, and close friends of the Powells. 

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