G. Cobb’s Connection To Whitney

WIP’s G. Cobb told an amusing story about his connection to Whitney Houston on the air the other night.

According to Cobb, in the mid-80’s, when he was a linebacker for the Eagles, one time, he went out to dinner with Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham, Houston, and mutual friends BeBe and CeCe Winans, whom Cobb knew from his days playing for the Detroit Lions.

He recalled how Cunningham did everything to try to impress Houston, including sending a limousine to pick her up, and mentioning his million dollar salary, but Houston wanted nothing to do with Randall.  He said that Houston spoke very fast and was opinionated.

Cobb also brought up the controversy that was caused when a bunch of Eagles, including Keith Byars, were given permission by head coach Buddy Ryan to leave a pre-season game early to attend Houston’s 26th birthday party.


One response to “G. Cobb’s Connection To Whitney

  1. yourworsteffingnightmare

    Wait. Didn’t I see pictures of Whitney Houston and Randall Cunningham on some tropical beach somewhere, back in the day? The answer is yes, because the pics were the first time I saw her without makeup, and what a shock it was.

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