Larry Mendte Trashes Local TV

Here’s former Philly anchorman Larry Mendte’s take on the local television landscape.

7 responses to “Larry Mendte Trashes Local TV

  1. Larry, Just go away ……… Please!

  2. How does this bedbug keep surfacing. Laura, as a woman, you should not mention his name on this blog. He is a serial predator.

  3. The word irony comes to mind. Were he not driven from the medium in disgrace, I doubt he’d be singing the same tune.

  4. I’m not sure if Larry Mendte is carrying a grudge but it sure feels that way. If he is, it’s as sad as it is unattractive. If he isn’t, it’s a good lesson about behavior, or more accurately, how words can be perceived by the public. And these days, if we are on the social media sites, we’re all in the public!

  5. Why is he even relevant now? Here and the Daily News gossip column sure gives us our fill of Mendte.

  6. Mendte writes for Philadelphia Magazine, produces a national TV commentary and just got a job as a radio talk show host. He is arguably more relevant today then when he anchored. And I think he has a greater perspective on local TV news than most. He also backed up his assertions with numbers and gave solutions. The truth hurts.

  7. Readers – Please be advised that responding to this item are two readers identified as JJ. Let me restate my position made on April 16th: Larry, Just go away………Please !

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