Hurricane Schwartz Recovering From Heart Surgery

From NBC10:


 NBC10 Chief Meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz is resting comfortably at a Philadelphia-area hospital after undergoing double bypass heart surgery this morning. Schwartz visited the hospital earlier this week complaining of discomfort. Doctors discovered evidence of blockages in two arteries and advised him that surgery would be necessary.

“Glenn is recuperating well and is in good spirits,” said NBC10 News Director Chris Blackman. “He feels fortunate that he recognized the signs of potential trouble. We’re all keeping him in our thoughts and wish him a speedy recovery.”

Aware of his family’s history of heart disease, Schwartz has been vigilant about his own health. Prior to the surgery, he stated “I’m so grateful that I listened to myself.” He also thanked his supporters via twitter, saying “Thanks for all the kind thoughts and prayers. They mean a lot to me.”

In response to Schwartz’s surgery, NBC10 has special segments planned, including how to recognize symptoms of heart problems and understanding family history. Schwartz’s recovery time is expected to be several weeks, during which time Meteorologist Sheena Parveen will assume his forecasting duties on NBC10 News at 4, 5, 6, and 11 pm.

Schwartz joined NBC10 in 1995 and was named Chief Meteorologist in 2002. A Philadelphia native, he attended Central High School and went on to graduate from Penn State receiving a B.S. degree in Meteorology. In October 2005, he was named the 79th Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) in the country. Schwartz is one of the first broadcast meteorologists in Philadelphia to earn this prestigious recognition. He is also the co-author of The Philadelphia Area Weather Book.

Viewers are invited to post their get well wishes to Glenn by visiting and searching “Get Well Glenn”, via email at, on the NBC10 Philadelphia Facebook page or via Twitter using the hashtag #GetWellGlenn.


5 responses to “Hurricane Schwartz Recovering From Heart Surgery

  1. Rick the audioman at 17

    I think Glen should retire now, Shenna is much better to look at. She wears great colorful fashions and moves the weather along just fine with out the cartoonish bow tie. If the bow tie is important have Shenna wear a colorful scarf imprinterd with bow ties.I look forward to seeing her broadcast like I used to watch a youngCecily Tyson on CH 6. I now watch 10 as a lead into Nightly News with Brian Williams

  2. Virginia Tamuts

    Our family has been enjoying the weather broadcasts of Glenn (Hurricane) Schwartz for years and are concerned about his health. Hopefully, he’ll feel better than ever and ready for the soon-to-come hurricane season. We all wish him a great recovery! Virginia Tamuts

  3. Rick, it is quite foolish to base your decision of which channel to watch solely based upon who looks better. Glenn has been a Meteorologist for more than 40 years and I’m sure that part of the reason as to why Sheena is doing so well at NBC10 is because of Glenn’s assistance along with the other meteorologists at the station.

  4. Did he help Kathy Orr when she was there at 10?

  5. KO is impossible to help, she knows everything. Just ask her!!

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