6ABC Wins May Sweeps

(Philadelphia, PA) – Another May Sweep has come and gone, and the story remains the same – Action News is the undisputed local news leader.  Action News has the most viewers, and won every time period in the coveted “May book”.  The most impressive performance came in the early part of the day, with Action News Mornings posting significant growth, and Good Morning America earning additional viewers as well.  Action News Mornings grew 4 (HH) share points at 6am, and GMA gained 2 points, year-to-year.

6abc Action News has been the market leader for more than three decades, and that position has been built on trust and consistency.   Looking at the “Television Season” (September ‘11 to May ‘12), Action News produced 1,593 newscasts, Monday through Friday, and was the #1 choice for news 99% of those times, winning 1,574 time periods.space. 

The station website, 6abc.com, is experiencing its best year ever, with 200+ million page views to date.  In May alone, 6abc earned 40 million page views and more than 3 million unique users online and with mobile apps. 


Source:  Nielsen Station Index Overnight Ratings, Philadelphia Market, 2012. 




WPVI-TV is the ABC-owned station serving the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys.

One response to “6ABC Wins May Sweeps

  1. Just An Observer

    Of course 6ABC wins. They are good and the other stations STINK!!!

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