New Reporter on 6ABC

Jennifer Joyce joins 6ABC as a general assignment reporter.  The Temple Unviersity graduate arrives from WHP in Harrisburg.

8 responses to “New Reporter on 6ABC


  2. By hiring a reporter? (Or perhaps knowing how to not shout online? 🙂 )

  3. As a reminder, 6abc NEVER hires other talent that formerly worked at another station. Well, aside from being a local native, it seems as though Jennifer has worked with a competing station: CBS3.

    Her bio on says “Jenni worked at CBS-3 in Philadelphia on the Assignment Desk and as a Web Producer.”

    This seems to be a first for 6abc….I wonder what others at the station/management think about this.

  4. Having not been on-air, it would seem to matter little. Management would be the entity that hired her, and there’d be no reason the staff would care specifically about a past gig. (And anyway, didn’t Jeff S. at Ch 6 work in the market previously?)


  6. Not going to be happening. That said, “go away” fails to actually answer the questions asked. Funny how that works, no? 😉

  7. Yes, Homer Jay, he did. Jeff was an intern at FOX29 before joining 6abc. He was even on the air in the sports department a few times and briefly in a Fox29 News promo alongside a colleague.

  8. Laura, you complained about nastiness to the point you shut down this blog. Why are you allowing HomerJay to begin this childish behavior, AGAIN?

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