New All-Local WPHT Lineup

From WPHT 1210-AM:

“Local Lives Here” at 1210 WPHT

Leading Philadelphia Station Announces New Line-Up 


Philadelphia, PA — Talk Radio 1210 WPHT today announced a new weekday line-up, featuring all live and local talent beginning on Monday, June 25.  The newest addition to the station as host of afternoon drive (3:00-7:00PM) will be Pulitzer Prize-winning author and pundit Buzz Bissinger.  He’s joined by Steve Martorano, currently heard on WPHT and best known to listeners for his many years on WIP radio. The station can be heard on-air at 1210AM, online at, and through the app available for a variety of mobile devices.


The station will be anchored in morning drive by witty and provocative host Chris Stigall (5:30-9:00AM), followed by Dom Giordano (9:00AM-12:00Noon).  Popular and award-winning Michael Smerconish will broadcast live on WPHT from 12:00Noon-3:00PM.


“With the Presidential election only a few months away, there couldn’t be a better time to heighten our focus on how today’s issues affect our friends, relatives and neighbors,” said Marc Rayfield, Senior Vice President, CBS RADIO Philadelphia.  “The addition of Buzz to the line-up and presenting Michael’s program live to the audience gives us an incredible advantage as a station created in Philadelphia by Philadelphians for Philadelphians. Buzz has one of the most compelling voices in Philadelphia today.  He’s intelligent, honest and hard hitting. He doesn’t play favorites; his only goal is to pursue the truth and no one in local media is more qualified to do so.”


Added Bissinger, “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.  I will be as I always am–opinionated, passionate, prepared, and willing to listen…most of the time.  Working alongside Steve, a consummate pro, I can promise the audience the show will be lively, entertaining, and informative.”


“To write the sort of provocative things that Buzz has authored requires keen insights about people and a well-developed sense of street smarts,” said Smerconish.  “He has weighed-in on all the major issues of our time, always with an unpredictable, unvarnished opinion that will make him a compelling radio host.  I am very excited that our heritage radio station is about to launch the talk radio career for Buzz Bissinger, and he is perfectly paired with a real pro and bona fide Philly-guy in Steve Martorano.”


Bissinger, a former Philadelphia Inquirer columnist (where he won the famed Pulitzer), has written some of the most highly acclaimed books of the past two decades. Best known for “Friday Night Lights,” which was the inspiration for the highly successful movie and long running network television show, Bissinger also wrote “Prayer for the City,” a brilliant exploration into the Rendell Administration; “Three Nights in August;” and the critically acclaimed “Father’s Day,’ which was released just last month.


Bissinger has also written for some of the nation’s most prestigious publications including Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine and Sports Illustrated; and was a co-producer and writer for the ABC television drama NYPD Blue.


About WPHT:

WPHT, with one of the strongest signals in the United States, is owned and operated by CBS RADIO.  A division of CBS Corporation, CBS RADIO operates 127 radio stations, the majority of which are in the nation’s top 50 markets. CBS RADIO also owns and operates KYW, WIP FM/AM and WOGL in Philadelphia.



12 responses to “New All-Local WPHT Lineup

  1. Buzz most definitely will screw this up. For such a successful person, he sure has some anger issues. Plus, he’s a real potty-mouth. Tops six months!!

  2. You’re kidding! First you get rid of Hannity and now Rush?! Can’t stand Smerconish…luckily I found 770 out of New York to get my fill. You’ve lost a long time listener- without Rush you’ve got nothing. I can already hear those ratings falling.

  3. R u kidding, is dom next. It is bad enough that u put the phillies on a talk channel. Now u r replacing limbaugh with the fence rider. Just lost a listener from noon on.

  4. I will be listening to another station. I cannot believe that you are getting rid of RUSH Limbaugh! He is the only reason that anyone listens to your station. I will be listening to 990 as I do from 9-12 and 3-6 as always and finding where I can get RUSH on another station. Your station is now done. YOu will fail at your venture! I will not ever use any of the services of any of your advertisers and in fact I will work my hardest to move against your station. I will tell all my family and friends and clients that you got rid of RUsh right before the election. YOu are about to FAIL! Smirconish is a hack and everyone knows that he is a Rino. You just made the biggest mistake but I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. Profit is less important than politics to you liberals. You are idiots!!!

  5. As of June 25th, I will not listen to wpht. Can’t believe u r eliminating rush limbaugh

  6. Michael Kazmar

    Now THIS is a Philadelphia-style crash and burn! I’ve hated your station ever since I was told via telephone to listen to Rush on the internet if you can’t listen at work during Phillies games. The biggest name in radio, no less. You should have put the Phillies on the internet instead I’ve always felt. Well, looks like there will be more on the Obama unemployment line from your station soon, with turncoat Smerconish leading the pack! No one will listen to him, just as no one watches hin on MSNBC! Go IQ106.9!

  7. Rush Limbaugh was the ONLY reason we listened to 1210 radio. Goodbye.

  8. Once again CBS radio screws the pooch. you guys blew it by letting 97.5
    Take the lead with their FM broadcasts and fresher talent making WIP IRRELEVANT, and now your programming genius
    Has removed the biggest voice in radio for Smerconish?
    So, Goodbye CBS and good luck finding your replacement audience.
    Ed from Blue Bell

  9. I like the new lineup.

  10. So glad someone has realized what a blowhard Limbaugh is. I miss Smerconish for my ride home. He was one of the few hosts who listened to other opinions and never screamed or insulted people. I’ve been listening to Bissinger and will decide.

  11. So glad no more LImbaugh. I think Giordano and Smerconish are great.

  12. With Smerconish leaving in April who will fill loafers?

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