Channel 6 Sports Gameplan

With Keith Russell gone and Jamie Apody due with her first son in two weeks, weekend sportscaster Jeff Skversky will be the main sports anchor for 6ABC for awhile.  Also expect weekend morning news anchor Walter Perez, who has filled in for sports in the past, to help out in the sports department.

13 responses to “Channel 6 Sports Gameplan

  1. That’s it?
    That doesn’t seem like much of a plan.
    Either their “product” will suffer or they will demonstrate that they’ve been overstaffed. They will really need to hire someone soon.
    This looks like Skversky’s big chance. I like his work.

  2. Rick the audioman

    It’s about time Keith Russel is gone. How could the viewer in this market tolarated his stupid lead in and outs. How did Jim keep a straight face for all these years .I have moved on to NBC10. The news is well written and paced. I would like to see Shenna Parven on at 6.Give Jim Gardner help with sports ,say by adding a long time sport hero Darren Dalton or EX con Lenny Dykstra. 6ABC,They have become kids news, the kids that don’t watch news, Give Jim a sexy weather person like the oler weathergal Robin Stevens.

  3. Does anyone know if Keith Russell has obtained another job? Also, has Phil Andrews found a broadcasting job anywhere?

  4. What Happened to Keith? He was good. Did he get “Phillied Out”?

  5. Walter Perez is an excellent choice as he is a class act and a sports enthusiast.

  6. Bring back Billy Vargus. Seriously Keith was clown. Channel 6 needs a serious sports journalist, Where’s Jack Brayboy?

  7. Russell has been AMtraked to D.C.

  8. I agree with Betsy…Walter Perez is good.

    Hal, Keith found a job in Washington D.C. although it is unclear about whether this is a TV news position. I will miss Keith. He gave sports some flavor and made it interesting even when the home team lost. Good voice too….very nice guy. He will be missed. In my opinion, Keith and Jim didn’t have the best smooth chemistry on air as he does with Jamie A. , but Keith alongside Adam and Rob are goood!

  9. Bring back Pellegrino or Tollefson, they both look like they need work!!
    Better yet, rotate; Vitarelli, Alicott & Ohearn!!

  10. i wonder what took Laura soooo long to comment on the Keith Russell story? Like a month overdue. Also, While I didn’t care for Keith, and glad he’s gone, I don’t think Jeff is any better. He’s probably worse than Keith. Keith and Jeff could’ve taken the next train outta 30th st to never return. Jamie is top anchor now. Another thing, like I said I didn’t care for Keith but I think his decision to leave 6abc could’ve been prompted by Jim’s antics. About 2 months ago, Jim gestured to Keith to come closer and bow his head, suddenly Jim acts like he’s gazing into a crystal ball. Very awkward, if I was Keith, that wouldn’t have went over with me. But the way I see it, because of Keith’s incessant laughing personality, Jim probably felt he could get away with it so in essence, Keith the way he presents himself to his colleagues and the camera allowed for that embarrassing moment. Still, it was totally inappropriate for Jim to do and that shows me I’ve totally lost all respect for Jim now. I just wish he’d yesterday.

  11. I think is Walter Perez would be willing to swith to sports it would be a great asset.

  12. Jane M. Luterio

    We really enjoy Walter Perez. Just seems like a great guy who adapts to any situation. We think Vitarelli has tooooo much exposure and O’Hearn not enough. Another cutie is Nydia Han. What a gorgeous baby girl!!! The action news team can’t be beat. We also think Shirleen Alicott at times can be a little condescending. Sorry….but true. My love is Rick Williams. What a man!!!!! He & Monica are quite a team.

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