Stacey Stauffer Out at NBC10

NBC10 weekend morning news anchor Stacey Stauffer is being replaced by Aditi Roy. Both have it mentioned on their Facebook pages.


18 responses to “Stacey Stauffer Out at NBC10

  1. Wow, too bad. After she became Stauffer, she improved!

  2. Love Aditi, Stacey needs to stop commenting after anyone speaks

  3. O.K. so when and why was she fired???????

  4. Peggy Lauricella

    Jan, you are sooo right. Stacey always had too much to say. No news item was ever complete without her take on it being added. She was also too giggly, especially when Michelle Grossman was involved. On the rare occasions when the morning news was hosted by four women (Lori, Jillian, Michelle, and Stacey), it sounded like a hen party – more than one talking at once, with Stacey always trying to get her two cents in. Yuck. Has the station canned her totally? They should if they haven’t. I thought Ted Greenberg did a nice job replacing her – very professional, but Aditi is great too.

  5. Big mistake….we loved Stacey!

  6. Tom Reilly...

    Why all the this negativity toward Stacey..I think she is THE BEST OF THE BEST IN ALL CATEGORIES OF BROARDCASTING…I know Stacey personally and she is also a great Mom to her small boys…No more channel 10 for Tom Reilly…God bless Stacey…..Your Number One FAN…..

  7. Stacey and Michele Grossman were too giggly and could not stand to watch them laught and make silly remarks. Totally inappropriate and unacceptable! I will not miss Stacey Stauffer.

  8. Judy Karlavage

    I remember Stacey from her days at WBRE in northeast PA. I can’t imagine what she did so wrong to get fired. There are others on this local network who are less professional, and some simply “eye candy”. Shame on WCAU-TV. I have started to watch your competition !

  9. I LOVED Stacey! It’s such a typically stupid corporate decision! Stacey was very “real” and everyone could relate to her. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID CORPORATE!

  10. I really liked the combo of Stacey and Michelle. I no longer watch the weekend news now that Stacey is gone.

  11. they need to get rid of michelle grossman, also very giggly…………….do not like adi roy

  12. I think they replace people according to popular opinion, not on their qualifications. A perfect example was Ann Curry on the Today Show. She was the best and I no longer watch the Today Show.

  13. I believe they replace people by popularity not by their qualifications. Ann Curry was a perfect example. I no longer watch the Today Show.

  14. I enjoyed the morning news with Stacey, Michelle and Jillian. What are you thinking?


  16. Michelle Grossman is the one who needs to go. She has the most annoying voice. I’ve been roused from a sound sleep by her grating nasally voice.

  17. We heard Michelle was canned this week, thank god she was seriously the worst. Not only did she giggle too much but her fake face and chest made a mockery of the weather which us Philadlephians rely on. All the bad rumors about her are probably true, total moron

  18. I also could not wait for the weekend news with Stacey and Michelle I also do not watch weekend news on that station anymore

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