New Sports Anchor at 6ABC

We are hearing that ESPNews anchor Ducis Rodgers will be joining the 6ABC sports staff.  Rodgers also previously worked for WCBS in New York.

6ABC is currently short-staffed as Keith Russell is no longer with the station and Jamie Apody is on maternity leave.

6ABC did not immediately respond to an email for confirmation.

7 responses to “New Sports Anchor at 6ABC

  1. Laura, I have seen him. He is no big deal. What does it say if he worked at in the # 1 tv market and he got fired or ‘departed’. Other words, his contract wasnt renewed. Then, he made the trek to Bristol, Connecticut and ESPN. Now the wonderful news director; btw who is it again? They have decided to raid another genetic sportscaster from ESPN. Guess 6abc officials cant stand for someone like Jonathan Coachman or Brat Weinstein. O’yea!!! He is of the black race aka Russell.

  2. Keith Russell lands at WRC, the NBC O&O in Washington DC as midday news anchor/reporter. He joins former CBS3 Weather guy Doug.

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  4. @anonymous ~ You need to cut it with your racist comments aka of the black race….wtf. He worked at WCBS2 and he left b/c of budget cuts per CBS group chief. He was cut along with many other’s through out CBS owned during that time. He is a pro, by the way why can’t 6ABC hired another black sportscaster? 6ABC is a well run machine so they know how to run, hired. As for Keith he landed on his feet at top rated WRC4 IN Washington . So obviously they feel he is very talented just like 6ABC did years ago. So get over it idiot, welcome my brother Ducis….hahaha

  5. Keith Russell is midday general news anchor and reporter at RC? Not sports? That’s really surprising since the guy always had a permanent smirk on his face and a sing song presentation.

  6. You really should do some research Mr. Anonymous. The New York Station wiped out it’s sports department (like many stations across the country who listen way too much to consultants).

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