Eskin Returns To Fox29

To use a sports pun, this one came out of left field.  Howard Eskin is returning to Fox29 to become the main sports anchor. This is Eskin’s second tour of duty with the station.  He also worked at Channel 3 and Channel 10.

After many years as the weekday afternoon drive person on WIP, Eskin’s schedule was cut to a Saturday morning show this year.


5 responses to “Eskin Returns To Fox29

  1. Welcome back to the King. Howard is the hardest working guy covering Sports in Philadelphia. He speaks the truth, and I miss him on the radio.

  2. He may not be well liked but he brings viewers. Sports final on NBC10 is unwatchable without him. Fox 29 news will improve during the NFL & World Series seasons.

  3. Pathetic! If Howie had anything left, 94.1 would have kept him. Can Rich Noonan be far behind??

  4. old sports announcers never die the just get move from station to station and then fade away.

  5. I guess their experience with the weather department didn’t teach Fox29 much of a lesson about what happens when you hire pompous egomaniac castoffs from other stations. Another reason to get my news elsewhere…

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