Sheena: Queen Of The Weather Jungle

Fresh from starring in the weather promos during the Olympics, NBC10 weather anchor Sheena Parveen is the subject of this profile by Chuck Darrow.

6 responses to “Sheena: Queen Of The Weather Jungle

  1. Frank Jedliskowski

    It appears that NBC10 weather is going through some changes (for the worse). I think that snubbing Bill Henley and Dave Warren is obviously a move (in my opinion) by Glenn Schwartz to get his favorites in the prime spots. I think he may have the “hots” for Sheena. She is good but, in my opinion not as good as Dave and Bill.

  2. Sorry Frank, not about talent. Low-cut tight sweaters and a pretty face. This one is going to make Alicia Lane look like a nun!!

  3. Joseph M. DeAngelis

    I don’t think it has anything to do with Schwartz. I think it is all about a struggling news operation desperatetly trying to drag themselers out ot the ratings basement. Despite her protests to the contrary, she is all about her looks. Silcone enhanced breasts, nose job, caps, hair color and using her middle instead of her surname, she is the most disingenuous weather person on TV! .

  4. So she uses her middle name. So does Willard Mitt Romney. So waht.

    Can you prove the other nonsense.

  5. Willard Mitt Romney uses his too. So what?

    The rest is just nonsense unless you can prove it.

  6. I am straight as a board and Im just not impressed with Parveen. I always thought they were silicone as well

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