Brian Taff Wedding Album

Check out pictures from 6ABC anchor Brian Taff’s wedding to 6ABC creative services executive producer Mara Webb.

2 responses to “Brian Taff Wedding Album

  1. Rick the audioman

    Come on Laura ,how many new news people enter the Philly news teams and get married and /or pregnant? What happens? is it the air in Philly or is it the confidence that now they made the big time? Maybe it’s the money ,the security ,that now they can settle down, and if Philly is the best thay can achieve ,this is a nice town to be from. Cynical? yes

  2. How is that the least bit different from any business, though? Your life takes you where it is, you meet someone (at or somehow through work is fairly common), and tie the knot. It hardly proves anyone thinks “this is the best it can be.” How about “This is the person I want to be with, and if life takes us somewhere else down the road, we’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.”

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