Changes to NBC10 Daytime Schedule For This Season

From NBC10:

 PHILADELPHIA, Pa – August 28, 2012 – NBC10 Philadelphia announced today the addition of two new daytime programs featuring well-known TV personalities Steve Harvey and Jeff Probst. “Steve Harvey” debuts Tuesday, September 4 at 2 PM. “The Jeff Probst Show” debuts September 10 at 12 PM.

“Steve Harvey” is hosted by TV personality, comedian, radio show host and best-selling author, Steve Harvey. The show will focus on real people with real issues, bringing Harvey’s funny, insightful and common sense approach to everyday problems. Topics such as marriage, dating, parenting, workplace issues, friendship and the daily dramas of life will all be handled with Harvey’s unique comedic spin.

On “The Jeff Probst Show”, Emmy-award winning host of ‘Survivor’ Jeff Probst will use his engaging style and incisive interview skills to take on hot topics of the day, overcoming obstacles, family dynamics, celebrities, newsmakers and more. Early editions of the hour-long program will include topics as diverse as the effects of gossip, seniors with active sex lives, and resolving relationship issues.

“With the launch of these new programs, our viewers will enjoy a compelling and diverse afternoon lineup,” said Eric Lerner, President and General Manager of NBC10 Philadelphia. “We’re looking forward to the debut of the shows and introducing Steve Harvey and Jeff Probst to Philadelphia-area viewers.”


4:30-7am: NBC10 News Today

7am-11am: The Today Show

11am: NBC10 News @11am

11:30am: The 10! Show


1pm: Days of Our Lives


3pm: Ellen

4pm: NBC10 News @4pm


4 responses to “Changes to NBC10 Daytime Schedule For This Season

  1. I tried sending this several times but saw no email on it. Fox 29 has a new Traffic Reporter, Kacie O;Donnell, recent grad of Villanove (see Fox 29 web page). This is their first traffic reporter since Dorothy K. left for Hartford, CT. Al Kelly

  2. And no more “powering” the PHL 17 10 p.m. news.

  3. Yeah. According to the WPHL article on wikipedia, 6ABC, WPVI, picked up the news services. That’s…odd, seeing as they get the best ratings of all the news programming in Philly. There’s no need for extra advertising and news production as has been on 17 since the beginning of the WCAU agreement. That being said, maybe the ratings for the PHL news at 10 will grow with a trusted news organization backing them up. I’m looking forward to seeing the newscast as I cannot pick up WPVI on my UHF antenna in Pottstown. I miss Action News.

  4. Being the leader wouldn’t preclude taking advantage of such an opportunity, I’d think. The “need” for revenue is subjective; being in the lead doesn’t mean resting on your laurels.

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