Fox29 Hires New Traffic Reporter

Villanova graduate Kacie McDonnell is the latest addition to Fox29.


7 responses to “Fox29 Hires New Traffic Reporter

  1. Looks like they finally opened the purse strings a little though I’m sure she is probably working cheap since it is her first news job.

  2. Besides cheap, the hot factor is high. Truth be told, they can hire a dork babe for even less than this babe.

  3. I guess I’m out in left field. I don’t see what’s so “hot” about this new woman. Big boobs are everywhere. What about her giant teeth and really weird hair? And she seems to have little in the way of brains/personality.

  4. The “hot factor” is obvious, as is the rookie status. Needs to eliminate the “ums” from her delivery.

  5. I have to agree with L.K. I am a red blooded man that really appreciates a hot woman but the teeth and just a weird look overall dies not say hot to me. I think she has done a great job a distracting from her weird looks with the tan, boobs, make-up and long hair. She is an over achiever!

  6. Dumb as a wall but she is very very hot!! Really, isn’t that what really matters. I don’t care about traffic in Phila. I like watching a hot babe. they should put her in a skimpy bikini and stop showing the traffic screen.

  7. Ed, you should be a News Director!!!

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