List of Emmy Winners

2012 Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Recipients


1- Newscast – Evening- Larger Markets (markets #1-38)

“Channel 11 News 11 at 11: Paterno, Spanier Fired”- WPXI-TV
Michael Goldrick, News Director
Julie Fine, Reporter
Courtney Brennan, Reporter
Debora Gaita, Executive Producer
Kelly Eschberger, Producer


2- Newscast – Evening- Medium Markets (markets 39 & smaller)

“69 News at 10:30”- WFMZ-TV

Miranda Villei, Producer

Janelle Hill, Senior Producer

Rob Vaughn, Anchor

Wendy Davis, Anchor


3- Newscast- Morning

“Channel 11 Morning News: PSU Riots”- WPXI-TV

Michael Goldrick, News Director

Maureen Feltz, Producer


4- General Assignment Report- Within 24 Hours

“Rally at Joe Pa’s House”- KDKA-TV

David Highfield, Reporter

Dave Colabine, Photographer

Steve Willing, Photographer


5- Team Coverage

“Western Psych Shooting”- WPXI-TV

Michael Goldrick, News Director


6- Spot News

“Hospital Shooting Rampage”- KDKA-TV

Anne Linaberger, News Director


7- Continuing Coverage- No Time Limit

“Flooding of 2011”- WGAL-TV

John Mason, Executive Producer


“Penn State Continuing Coverage”- NBC Philadelphia

Rosemary Connors, Reporter

Katy Zachry, Reporter

Brad Berner, Photographer

Matthew Pantaleno, Photographer

Brian Wasilauski, Photographer

Justin Pizzi, Reporter

LuAnn Cahn, Reporter




8- Investigative Report- Single Story or Series

“Check In At Your Own Risk”- CBS3

Ben Simmoneau, Reporter

Andrea Korff, Photographer

Joan Sill, Producer

Mike Henry, Editor


9- Feature News Report

“Storage Battles”- KDKA-TV

David Highfield, Reporter

Ian Smith, Photographer


10- Feature News Report -Serious Feature

“Venomous Snakes for Sale”- FOX29

Gary Scurka, Senior Investigative Producer

Sean Bernard, Photographer/Editor


11- Feature News Report- Series

“Susan’s Story”- KDKA-TV

Ken Rice, Anchor

Ian Smith, Photographer

Michael Challik, Photographer


12- Arts/Entertainment Program Feature/Segment

“State of the Arts: Steve Tobin”- PCK Media

Eric Schultz, Producer/Director/Writer

Joseph Conlon, Owner/Director of Photography


13- Arts Program/Special

“Pittsburgh is Art!”- WQED Multimedia

Pierina Morelli, Producer


14- Business/Consumer – News Feature or Series

“Sticker Shock”- CBS3

Jim Donovan, Producer

Jennifer Coleman, Producer

Mike Henry, Producer

Andrea Korff, News/Special Projects Photographer

Terence Brownley, News Photographer


15- Children/Youth/Teen (19 and under)- Program or Special

“Cosmo’s World II – Water”- eMediaWorks

Teri Haddad, Producer

Brandon Pousley, Editor

Scott Paul, Director







16- Crime News- Single Story or Series

“The Murder of the Rabbi’s Wife”- NBC Philadelphia

Edward Dress, Investigative Producer

Harry Hairston, Investigative Reporter

Michael Hickey, Video Editor

Steve Gresham, Photographer

Matt Pantaleno, Photographer


17- Education/Schools – News Single Story or Series

“Bully Teacher?”- NBC Philadelphia

Edward Dress, Investigative Producer

Harry Hairston, Investigative Reporter

Michael Hickey, Video Editor

Kristen Catalanotto, Photographer

Greg Durgin, Video Journalist

Michael Hurst, Video Editor


18- Education/Schools Program Feature or Segment

“Roboclass: Reconnecting a Homebound Student”- WQED Multimedia

Maria Kakay, Producer

David Cohen, Editor


19- Education/Schools- Program/Special

“Pitch Perfect”- WQED Multimedia

Minette Seate, Senior Producer


20- Entertainment- Program/Special

“American Beer Blogger – Pilot”- Green Leaf Productions, Inc

Rudy Vegliante, Producer/Director

John T. Wright, Director/Editor


21- Environment/Science – News Single Story or Series

“Drilling Dangers”- WPXI-TV

Mike Goldrick, News Director

Tim Holomon, Photographer/Editor


22- Health- News Single Story or Series

“Do You Know Your Doctor?” – CBS3

Stephanie Stahl, Reporter/Writer

Ellen Czajkowski, Producer

Andrea Korff, Photographer

Danielle Dolan, Editor


23- Health/Environment/Science- Program Feature/Segment

“Melissa Pihos”- Eagles Television Network

Douglas Interrante, Producer/Editor

Eric Long, Producer





24- Health/Environment/Science – Program/Special

“The Race to Save Pennsylvania’s Bats”- WQED Multimedia

Gina Catanzarite, Producer

David Cohen, Editor

David Forstate, Videographer

Glenn Syska, Videographer

Paul Ruggieri, Videographer


25- Historic/Cultural Program Feature/Segment

“Wilt’s Perfect Number”- Comcast SportsNet

Brad Nau, Producer

Justin Krapf, Editor


26- Historic/Cultural Program/Special

“Cresson: Remembering Life at the San”- WQED Multimedia

David Solomon, Producer/Writer

Paul Ruggieri, Photojournalist


“Remembering 9/11: Ten Years Later”- CBS3

Rich Edwards, Executive Producer

Susan Barnett, Anchor

Chris May, Anchor


27- Human Interest – News Feature

“The Trick Shot Artist”- WHP CBS21

Jason Bristol, Sports Director

Justin Raub, Photojournalist


“Compassion Project” WTAE-TV

Alexandra Bongiorno, News Director

Wendy Bell, News Anchor

Michael Lazorko, Editor


28- Human Interest Program Feature/Segment

“Harvey… by the Numbers”- Comcast SportsNet

Brad Nau, Producer


29- Human Interest Program/Special

“2011 Challenger Exhibition Game”- WVIA-TV

Ben Payavis, Producer/Director

Tom Curra, Senior VP/Executive Producer

A. William Kelly, Executive Producer

Kathryn Davies, Producer


30- Politics/Government- News Single Story or Series

“Welfare Red Tape”- WGAL-TV

Matt Belanger, Reporter

Thomas Knier, Photojournalist


“Inmates on Unemployment” – WHP CBS21

Chris Papst, Reporter

31- Sports- News Single Story or Series

“Manheim Magic: A Local Girl Inspires Community Through Basketball”- Blue Ridge Cable Communications

Jacquie Franciulli, Reporter/Photographer


32- Sports- Program Feature/Segment

“The Boys of BP”- Comcast SportsNet

Brad Nau, Producer


33- Sports- Daily Program or Sportscast

“Toyota SportsNite”- Comcast SportsNet

Rob Kuestner, Assistant News Director

Michelle Murray, VP- News Programming

Michael Mulhern, Show Producer

Rob Michel, Producer

William Markel, Director

Pat Devlin, Assignment Editor

Lisa Hillary, Anchor


34- Sports- Program Series

“The Players Show”- Eagles Television Network

Douglas Interrante, Producer

Bryan Thomas, Producer

Kiel Leggere, Editor/Designer


35- Sports- Program One-Time Special

“Bringing Harry Home”- Wipe Out Productions

Scott Graham, Executive Producer

Dave Petrelius, Producer

Curtis Albucher, Videographer/Editor


“Flyered Up For The Winter Classic”- NBC Philadelphia

Colin Macaulay, Producer

Matthew Maiorano, Photographer/Editor

Tim Furlong, Reporter

Jason Ryan, Photographer

Derek Robinson, Graphic Artist


36- Sporting Event/Game – Live/Unedited Program/Special/Series

“Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Chicago Cubs 7/8/11”- ROOT Sports TV

Douglas Johnson, Executive Producer

Pete Toma, Director

Andy Kosco, Producer

Adam Elmore, Tape AD

Jason Steele, Associate Producer


“Philadelphia International Cycling Championship”- Comcast SportsNet

Shawn P. Oleksiak, Senior Executive Producer

Scott Faccenda, Vice President Operations

Brian McLendon, Production Manager

Nicola Marchetta, Broadcast Director

37- Documentary

“Remembering The Scranton Sirens”- WVIA-TV

Gregory Matkosky, Creative Director

Thomas M. Curra, Executive Producer

Andrew Sordoni, Executive Producer

Kris Hendrickson, Producer/Editor

A. William Kelly, President

Kathryn Davies, Producer

Ben Payavis, Producer


38- Interview/Discussion Program/Special

“Due Process – Justice Breyer: On Democracy”- NJN Public Television

Sandra King, Producer/Co-host

Tania Ivanova, Associate Producer

John Farmer, Executive Producer

Raymond Brown, Co-host

Peter Troost, Lighting Director

Joseph Conlon, Director of Photography


39- Interview/Discussion Series

“Due Process Composite”- Rutgers, The State University of NJ

Sandra King, Producer/Co-host

Tania Ivanova, Associate Producer

Raphael Caprio, Executive Producer

John Farmer, Executive Producer

Raymond Brown, Co-host

Joseph Conlon, Director of Photography/Technical Manager

Patricia Scannella, Floor Director


40- Magazine Program/Special

“The Scene – Eastern State Penitentiary”- NBC Philadelphia

Eileen Matthews, Producer/Writer

Lauren Bacigalupi, Executive Producer

Brendan Conway, Camera/Photographer

Paul Quimby, Camera/Photographer

Michelle Grossman, Host

Vince Lattanzio, Host


41- Public/Current/Community Affairs Feature/Segment

“Chad Lewis at Mt Kilimanjaro”- Eagles Television Network

Joseph Helder, Senior Producer

Eric Long, Producer

Mike O’Connor, Editor


42- Public/Current/Community Affairs Program/Special

“Open For Business”- WGAL-TV

Jere Gish, Reporter





43- Special Event Coverage- Live (other than News or Sports)

“Celebrate 2012: New Year’s Eve Fireworks Special”- CBS3

Joseph Kern, Director

Jim Spering, Chief Photographer

Christopher Brady, News Operations Supervisor


44- Promotion- News and Program and PSA- Single Spot

“Phillies Aces”- Comcast SportsNet

Eugenia Krug, Creative Director

Matthew Hess, Writer/Producer


45- Promotion- News and Program and PSA- Campaign

“The Online Coach for”- Comcast SportsNet

Eugenia Krug, Creative Director

Cynthia Weiss, VP Marketing

Kimberly Stewart, Marketing Director


46- Commercial – Single Spot

“You’ll Understand”- Take One Productions

Kevin Martorana, Director

John Morrison, Director of Photography

Bob Greenberg, Graphic Artist


47- Station Excellence


Raymond Carter, General Manager


48- News Excellence

“Eyewitness News”- CBS3

Susan Schiller, News Director


49- Community Service

“Facing Cancer Together”- WITF-TV

Kathleen Pavelko, President & CEO

Cara Williams Fry, Sr. VP & Chief Content Officer

Katie Carpenter, Interactive Producer

Mitchell Mathias,Video Edit Manager


50- Musical Composition/Arrangement

Jamie Peck, WQED Multimedia


51- Director

Douglas Interrante, Eagles Television Network


52- Editor-Program

Justin Krapf, Comcast SportsNet


53- Editor- Short Form

Dana Heberling, Eagles Television Network



54- Editor- News

Mike Henry, CBS3


55- Graphic Arts/Animation

Dana Heberling, Eagles Television Network


56- On-Camera Talent – Anchor – News

Chris May, CBS3


57- On-Camera Talent – Anchor – Weather

Kathy Orr, CBS3


58- On-Camera Talent – Anchor- Sports

Jason Bristol, WHP CBS21


59- On-Camera Talent – Program Host/Moderator

Walter Staib, Multi Media Productions


60- On-Camera Talent- Reporter- Features/Human Interest

Wendy Bell, WTAE-TV


61- On-Camera Talent- Reporter- General Assignment

Walt Hunter, CBS3


62- On-Camera Talent- Reporter- Specialty Assignment

Stephanie Stahl, CBS3

Jim Donovan, CBS3


63- On-Camera Talent- Reporter- Sports

Chris Fischer, WHP CBS21


64- On-Camera Talent- Sports Analyst/Play-by-Play

Marc Zumoff, Comcast SportsNet

Mick Moninghoff, Sports Traditions Network


65- Photographer- Program

Douglas Interrante, Eagles Television Network


66- Photographer- News

Eric Heisler, WHTM abc27


67- Video Essay (Single Camera Only)

Matthew Maiorano, NBC Philadelphia


69- Writer- Program

Neal Slotkin, Comcast SportsNet



70- Writer- News/Commentary/Short Form

Walt Hunter, CBS3




71a- College Production Newscast

“Academy of Natural Sciences”- Drexel University/DUTV

Alexa Fuentes- Associate Producer

Ian Jabour- B Unit Photography

Sam Moskowitz- Gaffer

Dennis Mullen- Audio

Courtney Thomas- Talent, Associate Producer

Maria Papadakis- Talent, Associate Producer

Chelsea O’Rourke- DP/Editor


71b- College Production- News: General Assignment

“Neumann University: Uniquely Personal”- Neumann University

Cortney Brooks, Producer/Photographer

Athena Thompson, Editor

Katie Orr, Producer/Photographer

Michele Furgeson, Writer

Crystal Bianchi, Writer

Megan Scott, Writer

Karen Thomas, CMA Instructor


71c- College Production- Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs

“Three Students, Three Expressions of Art at Moravian College”- Moravian College

Brittany Garzillo, Writer/Reporter/Producer

Emily Cohen, Executive Producer/Editor/Director of Photography


71d- College Production- Sports

“Red Raider Goes For Gold”- Shippensburg University

Brandon Bubba Smith, Multimedia Journalist


71e-College Student Production- Public Affairs/Community Service

“Camden: The Forgotten City”- Neumann University

Casey Jones, Producer

Dan Angelo, Photographer/Editor

Amy Cockerhill, Writer

Karen Thomas, CMA Instructor


71f- College Student Production- Long Form: Fiction/Non-Fiction

“Study Away: South Africa”- Temple University/TUTV

Lauren Hertzler, Producer


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