Shows I’m Watching

I know that nobody asked, but here are the shows I’ve been watching.

Revenge – hanging in there, but terrible this year.
General Hospital – hoping it doesn’t get canceled in April
Oprah’s Next Chapter
Vanderpump Rules
Family Guy – as great as ever
The Good Wife
Saturday Night Live
Any awards show – People’s Choice, SAG, Golden Globes, upcoming Grammys and Oscars
Enlightened! – My favorite right now, I’ll watch this over HBO’s darling, Girls, any day.
Inside Edition
Sopranos reruns on HBO – never gets old



3 responses to “Shows I’m Watching

  1. Laura, You do not watch Dallas. It is excellent. Hopefully the passing of Larry Hagman will not affect the series. Losing a central character has had bad results for series previously. ie 8 Simple Rules starring John Ritter.

  2. Hey Laura- how about some background on new 6ABC reporters Saltzman (already driving me crazy with her mid-atlantic accent) and Pilgrim. You’re slipping šŸ™‚

  3. saztzman posed nude for some magazine, ck it out. Pilgrim, funny name of a Korean person

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