Former Channel 10 Reporter On Fox29

Did anyone else notice former NBC10 reporter Stacey Stauffer on Fox29?

7 responses to “Former Channel 10 Reporter On Fox29

  1. Stacey started last week or the week before

  2. Fine reporter that Stacy Weaver Stauffer

  3. How about Dawn Timmoney, She’s the new morning roving reporter and might be Karen Hepp’s replacement, when she goes on maternity leave. Al Kelly

  4. I think NBC did the right thing by getting rid of Stacy Stauffer. She was unimpressive and frankly a bore to watch. In my opinion, she didn’t add anything to the news media. She was a better reporter than a news anchor.

  5. Good to see both Stacy and Dawn back on TV

  6. The may leave for a moment, but most return to the Philly market. It must be a great place to work.
    Hey Nefertiti!!

  7. I loved watching the sunday morning news with Stacey , she was impressive and I stopped watching channel 10 news all together

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