Former Philly TV Personality Comes Out

Here’s the story about former Channel 17 sportscaster Jenna Wolfe.

2 responses to “Former Philly TV Personality Comes Out

  1. When Jenna worked at Channel 17 she was dating former TV personality Don Tolefson. He would drop her off and pick her up every couple of days. Don was always pleasant waving and talking to the crew. I remember her name to be Jenna Wolfeld and grew up in Haiti where her family had a leather business.

  2. Today Mike Missanelli talked about Jenna on his show on 97.5 FM. Mike used to be the 10pm news sports anchor weeknights on WB17 years ago,while Jenna did the weekend sports coverage. He commented how she was dating Don Tolefson and then dated ESPNs Sean Salisbury. He commented how maybe this dating experience was so bad, made her “switch to the other team” !!!

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