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Your Eagles Done It!

Here are some thoughts about the telecast of the Eagles’ thrilling victory over Minnesota to advance to the Super Bowl.

Best celebrities – Mike Trout, Charles Barkley, Bradley Cooper

Best non-celebrity – The 99-year-old fan in the owner’s box

Doing the Dougie – Just as the announcers were singing the praises of Doug Pederson’s play-calling, the Eagles pulled off the flea flicker.

Instant Replay – Loved the slo-mo instant replay of Zack Ertz smiling after one of his many big plays.

Blount Talk – Great shot of Eagles running back coach Duce Staley congratulating LeGarrette Blount after his touchdown.

We Are Family – Three generations of the Long family – Howie, Chris, and new media darling Jaylon Long

Fox promo machine – The Resident, 911, Baskets

Movie Trailers – Deathwish, Tomb Raider

Basket Case – How about the play when Fletcher Cox literally threw Case Keenum to the ground like a rag doll?

Unsung hero – Is it a coincidence that Nick Foles has been playing better with Carson Wentz by his side on the sideline the last two weeks?

Everything is coming up Roseman – Eagles’ GM Howie Roseman got plenty of love from the announcers. Chip who?

Worst glasses – Mike Zimmer

The Yikes – After the pick-6 by Patrick Robinson, the Vikings were done.

The Magic 8 Ball – The Phillies won in 2008, can the Eagles win in 2018?

Super Bowl bound!








Your Eagles Made It!

As my mother used to say, “Your Eagles made it.”

Here are some of my observations about tonight’s telecast.

Coldest pre-game announcer  – Rodney Harrison. Harrison was bundled up and looked absolutely miserable. Meanwhile Tony Dungy toughed it out without gloves. If they ever do a TV movie about Dungy, my choice to play him would be Ron Cephas Jones of This is Us.

Philadelphia Shout Outs – Besides the obvious shots of the Art Museum, the Liberty Bell and the other historical areas, I loved NBC’s use of Philly artists Evelyn “Champagne” King, Boyz II Men, Joan Jett, and the Hooters for music going into commercials. Also, NBC put together a nice piece about Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan, who grew up in Exton and graduated from Penn Charter.

Best Commercials – Applebee’s use of KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Keep it Coming Love” and Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” almost made me want to go to Applebees.

Best commercial slogan – “Nothing Out Pizzas the Hut.”

Eagles Fashion Statements – The offensive line wearing short sleeves, Lane Johnson’s mask at the end of the game.

Player introduction question – Why does Fletcher Cox name his high school instead of his college, Mississippi State?

From Napolean Dynamite to Kid Dyn-O-mite– Nick Foles had a spectacular second half to help win the game.

Ice-cold Pederson – Doug Pederson had ice in his veins for making that gutsy fourth down call that turned into a touchdown.

RIP Keith Jackson – The broadcast mentioned the passing of longtime announcer Keith Jackson, who  died at the age of 89.

RPO explained – Cris Collinsworth explained the run-pass option (RPO).

Best Sign – Super Foles!

Oh, did you know the Olympics are on NBC? – Almost every NBC promo was for the upcoming Olympic games. Now I know who Sugar Todd is.

Oh, did you know the Super Bowl is on NBC? – The noteworthy news about the Super Bowl is that Leslie Odom Jr. will sing America the Beautiful, Philly’s Pink will sing the National Anthem, and Justin Timberlake will star in the halftime show (which we knew).

Only 8 days until the next game!