Your Eagles Done It!

Here are some thoughts about the telecast of the Eagles’ thrilling victory over Minnesota to advance to the Super Bowl.

Best celebrities – Mike Trout, Charles Barkley, Bradley Cooper

Best non-celebrity – The 99-year-old fan in the owner’s box

Doing the Dougie – Just as the announcers were singing the praises of Doug Pederson’s play-calling, the Eagles pulled off the flea flicker.

Instant Replay – Loved the slo-mo instant replay of Zack Ertz smiling after one of his many big plays.

Blount Talk – Great shot of Eagles running back coach Duce Staley congratulating LeGarrette Blount after his touchdown.

We Are Family – Three generations of the Long family – Howie, Chris, and new media darling Jaylon Long

Fox promo machine – The Resident, 911, Baskets

Movie Trailers – Deathwish, Tomb Raider

Basket Case – How about the play when Fletcher Cox literally threw Case Keenum to the ground like a rag doll?

Unsung hero – Is it a coincidence that Nick Foles has been playing better with Carson Wentz by his side on the sideline the last two weeks?

Everything is coming up Roseman – Eagles’ GM Howie Roseman got plenty of love from the announcers. Chip who?

Worst glasses – Mike Zimmer

The Yikes – After the pick-6 by Patrick Robinson, the Vikings were done.

The Magic 8 Ball – The Phillies won in 2008, can the Eagles win in 2018?

Super Bowl bound!








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