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Throwback Thursday

Thursdays are my place for revivals and going back to the past!

First, tonight is the season finale of the thoroughly enjoyable Jersey Shore on MTV at 8 p.m. MTV has already committed to another season of Snooki and the gang for another season. It will take place in Las Vegas.

Then, Alec Baldwin and company faithfully keep up the spirit of Match Game at 9 p.m. on ABC.

And finally, my new favorite show, American Woman airs its fourth episode at 10 p.m. on Paramount. Alicia Silverstone is just as likable in this role as she was as Cher in 1995’s Clueless.


Jackson TV

With the death of Jackson family patriarch, Joe Jackson, I’m guessing VH1 will re-air its miniseries: The Jacksons: An American Dream.

Lawrence Hilton Jacobs of Welcome Back Kotter played Joe Jackson and Angela Bassett portrayed Katherine Jackson.

The 1992 production also featured Holly Robinson Peete as Diana Ross, Vanessa Williams as Suzanne de Passe, Terrence Howard as Jackie Jackson, and Billy Dee Williams as Berry Gordy.



The Devil Wears Prada

After watching The Devil Wears Prada for the 50th time this weekend, here is my Devil’s Advocate:

Pop Culture Shout-outs – Gwyneth Paltrow, Snoop Dogg, Page Six, Harry Potter, Northwestern University, Starbucks, Marc Jacobs, Charlie Rose, Michael Kors, Valentino

Best Lines – I’m one stomach flu away from making my goal weight, Was it a phone interview?, There is $8 worth of Jarlsberg cheese in there, I shant, How do you spell Gabbana?, This stuff, I’m wearing Valentino for God’s sake, And you can do anything, right?, You know the main ingredient in corn chowder is cellulite?, You have no sense of style, That’s all

Thief – Then unknown Emily Blunt totally stole every scene she was in with Anne Hathaway

Best mentor – Stanley Tucci as Nigel

Heartbreaking moment – When Andi threw that beautiful steak from Smith and Wollensky’s into the sink!¬† That was just wrong!

Best eyebrows – Simon Baker as Christian Thompson

Best hair, actually best everything – Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly

They became even bigger stars after Devil – Adrian Grenier went on to Entourage, Heidi Klum went on to America’s Got Talent, Gisele Bundchen who played Emily’s pal went onto greater fame and fortune, Tracie Thoms went on to Love on Netflix, Rich Sommer went on to Mad Men, Simon Baker went on to star in The Mentalist

Great Soundtrack – Suddenly I See by K.T. Tunstall, Crazy by Alanis Morrisette, Vogue by Madonna

Best Toast – To jobs that pay the bills

End of post – As Miranda Priestly said, That’s all!







Khloe Clarkson

Has anyone else noticed that Khloe Kardashian and Kelly Clarkson look alike?

I Hope This is True

I don’t know if this is true, but I hope it is. The National Enquirer is reporting that Jon Hamm and January Jones who played the Drapers on Mad Men are now dating.

A James Corden High

James Corden is blowing up the internet with his new Carpool Karaoke, featuring Sir Paul McCartney.

Even though his talk show is doing well, I wouldn’t be surprised if he left the show when his contract expires.

After hearing his interview on Howard Stern recently, it seems like his heart is in performing, not interviewing the people who are performing.

He certainly can sing and act. He is in Ocean’s 8.

Corden wouldn’t be the first talk show host to do this. Remember Greg Kinnear on Talk Soup?

Nosanne to Roseanne

So with the news that The Conners will go on without Roseanne, my guess is that they won’t kill off Roseanne, but maybe say she had a stroke or heart attack and is in a far-away rehab center.

I’m glad the show is coming back, but it will not be as funny without Roseanne. In the first season of the revival, it had some good things going for it, such as the bickering between Becky and Darlene, and of course the silliness of Wacky Jackie, but in general the show got worse each week.

Even if Roseanne Barr returned, I think it probably wouldn’t have lasted past season two.

AfterMash anyone?


Yes to American Woman

If you are a fan of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know that series regular Kyle Richards created a show about her childhood. Well, the show, American Woman, is on the air now, and it’s great!

You will feel like you are back in the 70’s as the story of Kyle and Kim Richards’ mother, Kathy is portrayed by Alicia Silverstone. American Beauty’s Mena Suvari co-stars.

It airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on The Paramount Network, formerly Spike TV.

Happy Anniversary SATC!

Twenty years ago today, one of my favorite shows of all time, Sex and the City premiered on HBO!

Here are some of my thoughts about the show:

Favorite episodes – When Carrie dated the comic book store owner, when Carrie participated in the fashion show, Miranda’s mother’s funeral, when Samantha promoted a girl’s Bat Mitzvah

Least favorite episodes РAnything with Aleksandr Petrovsky

Carrie’s worst habit – smoking

Big vs. Aidan -Aidan!

Samantha’s best boyfriend – Smith Jerrod

Samantha’s worst boyfriend – Richard

Fatal mistakes – the series ended too soon (1998-2004) and Sex and the City 2

Best line I still use – I’m looking for the cheapest towel from Bed, Bath and f-ing Beyond – said by Charlotte’s friend, Anthony

Best Sex and the City pets – Aidan’s dog Pete, Charlotte’s dog, Elizabeth Taylor

The SATC “Beatles” moment – A promo for the finale featuring the Andrea True Connection!

Give SJP another chance – The second season of Divorce was great!














Obscure Brady Bunch Reference

I just realized that one of the crew members in the episode when the Bradys made the commercial was also the studio engineer in the Davy Jones episode.