Happy Anniversary SATC!

Twenty years ago today, one of my favorite shows of all time, Sex and the City premiered on HBO!

Here are some of my thoughts about the show:

Favorite episodes – When Carrie dated the comic book store owner, when Carrie participated in the fashion show, Miranda’s mother’s funeral, when Samantha promoted a girl’s Bat Mitzvah

Least favorite episodes – Anything with Aleksandr Petrovsky

Carrie’s worst habit – smoking

Big vs. Aidan -Aidan!

Samantha’s best boyfriend – Smith Jerrod

Samantha’s worst boyfriend – Richard

Fatal mistakes – the series ended too soon (1998-2004) and Sex and the City 2

Best line I still use – I’m looking for the cheapest towel from Bed, Bath and f-ing Beyond – said by Charlotte’s friend, Anthony

Best Sex and the City pets – Aidan’s dog Pete, Charlotte’s dog, Elizabeth Taylor

The SATC “Beatles” moment – A promo for the finale featuring the Andrea True Connection!

Give SJP another chance – The second season of Divorce was great!














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