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Yes to American Woman

If you are a fan of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know that series regular Kyle Richards created a show about her childhood. Well, the show, American Woman, is on the air now, and it’s great!

You will feel like you are back in the 70’s as the story of Kyle and Kim Richards’ mother, Kathy is portrayed by Alicia Silverstone. American Beauty’s Mena Suvari co-stars.

It airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on The Paramount Network, formerly Spike TV.

Happy Anniversary SATC!

Twenty years ago today, one of my favorite shows of all time, Sex and the City premiered on HBO!

Here are some of my thoughts about the show:

Favorite episodes – When Carrie dated the comic book store owner, when Carrie participated in the fashion show, Miranda’s mother’s funeral, when Samantha promoted a girl’s Bat Mitzvah

Least favorite episodes РAnything with Aleksandr Petrovsky

Carrie’s worst habit – smoking

Big vs. Aidan -Aidan!

Samantha’s best boyfriend – Smith Jerrod

Samantha’s worst boyfriend – Richard

Fatal mistakes – the series ended too soon (1998-2004) and Sex and the City 2

Best line I still use – I’m looking for the cheapest towel from Bed, Bath and f-ing Beyond – said by Charlotte’s friend, Anthony

Best Sex and the City pets – Aidan’s dog Pete, Charlotte’s dog, Elizabeth Taylor

The SATC “Beatles” moment – A promo for the finale featuring the Andrea True Connection!

Give SJP another chance – The second season of Divorce was great!














Obscure Brady Bunch Reference

I just realized that one of the crew members in the episode when the Bradys made the commercial was also the studio engineer in the Davy Jones episode.


Expect The Eagles to Star in Today’s News Cycle

This will be all over the cable news channels, ESPN, and more. I’ll be watching the Eagles Vs. Trump coverage on Inside Edition on CBS3 at 7 p.m.

I Love POP

It doesn’t get the same buzz as Netflix, HBO, or other networks, but I love good old POP (Verizon 194). On any given night, I can catch movies like Steel Magnolias, Beaches, or Jerry Maguire, and it also airs the cute Hollywood Darlings with 90’s stars Beverley Mitchell, Jodie Sweetin, and Christin Lakin.


The Role of Rosanne Conner Will Be Played By…

How about they just re-cast Roseanne?¬† Maybe Rosie O’Donnell could play Roseanne? Or how about Tracey Ullman, Carol Leifer, or Lisa Lampenelli?



Binging 13 Reasons Why

I am a season behind, but I am binging 13 Reasons Why this weekend. There are many familiar faces – Kate Walsh, Derek Luke, Steven Weber, Denise Huxtable’s husband from The Cosby Show, and Reggie from Riverdale!

Has anyone else noticed that if you say you watch hours of TV in one sitting, it is frowned upon, but if you say you are binging, it’s fine?