Turn that Brady House into a Museum

The Brady Bunch house in California is up for sale for 1.8 million dollars. I would love to make the house into a museum. I would re-create every room like it was on the show and get that damn horse back!

We could put the Brady Dunk Tank in the back yard, and cook food including pork chops and apple sauce. Guests could eat at the dining room table or in the kitchen.

We could play Brady Bunch music in the background and give people a chance to wear Alice’s housekeeper uniform.

We could have all kinds of props, like the tape recorder Peter used to secretly record his siblings, Cindy’s doll, Kitty Carry-all, Carol’s needlepoint, Mike’s drafting board, and the Butterfly Love poster from the girl’s room. We could set up the house of cards in the living room.

I would volunteer to be a tour guide. I could give the back-story for every room.


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