Monthly Archives: September 2018

Genie Francis Coming to Town

Genie Francis of Luke and Laura fame will be the keynote speaker for the Philadelphia Inquirer’s 55+ Thrive Lifestyle Conference, Saturday, October 13th at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown.

Francis has just returned for the fourth or fifth time to General Hospital.

Murphy Brown Returns

I am looking forward to the return of Murphy Brown, Thursday at 9:30 p.m. on CBS! Candice Bergen can take a break from appearing in Reese Witherspoon movies to return to her most famous role.

Happy 49th Anniversary Brady Bunch

On September 26, 1969, The Brady Bunch made its debut!  Little did anyone know that almost a half century later, the show would still be on the air.  Right now, you can see it every Sunday afternoon from noon – 2 p.m. on MeTV. You can also catch an episode anytime on Hulu.

Feel free to visit Brady Residence.

Gritty Makes Inside Edition

The Flyers’ new mascot, Gritty, was covered on Inside Edition last night. The story mentioned how social media is split on the new Phillie Phanatic-inspired mascot.

Furious at CBS3

I am furious at CBS3 for pre-empting the first ten minutes of Inside Edition at 7 p.m. for a weather alert, meaning Philadelphia missed the coverage of the Bill Cosby sentencing. You just had two and a half  hours of local news from 4-6:30 p.m. to talk about the possible tornado. I think Philadelphia, Cosby’s home town, would have been interested in seeing that story.

ABC Announcers for Ohio State-Penn State

Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, and Maria Taylor will announce the Ohio State-Penn State game Saturday at 7:30 on ABC.

Fox Announcers for Eagles-Titans

For the second week in a row Chris Myers, Daryl Johnston, and Laura Okmin will broadcast the Eagles game on Fox. This week they travel to Tennessee. Game time is 1 p.m.


Gargano Mystery Continues

I was just listening to The Fanatic, and when a listener tried to ask about Anthony Gargano, the hosts said Gargano wasn’t fired, but wouldn’t elaborate. Then a minute later, a taped commercial with Gargano’s voice played, which would indicate that he is still employed by the station.

What’s going on?


Dancing with the Stars is Back

Nancy “Jo Polniaczek” McKeon from the Facts of Life will be one of the celebrities on Dancing with the Stars this season. The question isn’t whether she can dance, but who will be sitting in the audience for her? I hope it’s her brother, Philip McKeon, who starred on Alice.

Another New Normal for CBS3

So much for the CBS3 tagline, “Your New Normal” about Ukee Washington and Jessica Dean. Dean announced she is leaving the station, but didn’t say where she is going.

Maybe CBS3 can bring back Dean’s predecessor and lookalike, Susan Barnett, who can be seen on the station in the commercials for the law firm Kline and Specter.