Kathy Griffin in Philly

Kathy Griffin performed for a Bruce Springsteen-esque three hours Saturday night at the Merriam Theatre in Philadelphia. The hysterical show included Griffin’s trademark celebrity stories (Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde, Kim and Kanye, Martha Stewart, Cher, Joan Rivers, and more). Plus, she managed to make her ordeal with the President and U.S. government entertaining and important.

I cannot believe that Netflix, the home of a million comedy specials, doesn’t have room for her.

Maybe MSNBC could put her back on TV for New Year’s Eve? She could team up with MNSBC star Rachel Maddow. Wouldn’t it be sweet revenge if Griffin could beat Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen on CNN?

I’d watch Kathy and Maddow over them!



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