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Worst Shows of the Year

Heathers – The Paramount Network – Paramount pulled this show three different times due to real life shootings. It should’ve just kept it off the air because it was terrible.

Now and Then – HBO – On paper, this should have worked. Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter headlined, and it was produced by Alan Ball of Six Feet Under Fame. However, this confusing series flopped.

Riverdale – The CW – In year three, this show has lost me. Instead of normal teenage angst, it has turned into a crazy mess.

Camping – HBO – There were some funny moments, thanks go Juliette Lewis, but Lena Dunham’s follow-up to Girls was a disappointment.

Monday Night Football- ESPN – The latest incarnation with Joe Tessitore, Jason Witten, and unfortunately-named Booger McFarland managed to mangle fool-proof football.

GMA Day – ABC – This is the first mis-step in Michael Strahan’s meteoric television career.

Anything on E! – It should be renamed the K! network for Kardashian.

The Alec Baldwin Show – ABC – Baldwin’s tabloid antics didn’t translate to an interesting TV show.




The Fox B-team of Chris Myers, Daryl Johnston, and Laura Okmin will call the Eagles-Redskins game Sunday at 4:25 on Fox.

The Fox A-team of Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, and Erin Andrews will do the Bears-Vikings game.


Off the Top of My Head Favorites of 2018

Succession – HBO – It didn’t get the love like Game of Thrones or Westworld, but I was riveted to this series.

Queer Eye – Netflix – The remake is better than the original. It taught the world the French Tuck.

A Million Little Things – ABC – At first, it seemed like a rip-off of This is Us, but each week got better, and it is being moved to prime real estate of Thursday night on ABC.

This is Us – NBC – The show never fails to surprise or bring a tear.

Murphy Brown/The Conners/Will and Grace – CBS/ABC/NBC – Will and Grace is the best of the remakes, but I enjoy seeing our old friends from Murphy Brown and The Conners back on TV, although it misses Roseanne.

Watch What Happens Live – Bravo – His first name isn’t Jimmy, but Andy Cohen and his crack production team put together my favorite late night show.

Rock Legends – AXS – My dream is to be one of those talking heads who discuss Fleetwood Mac or the other Rock Gods of the 70’s and 80’s.

Family Guy – Fox – Well into its second decade, this show is still a scream every week. Bless you Seth McFarlane.

Dirty John – Bravo – Connie Britton, Eric Bana and Juno Temple are scarier than any Bravo Housewife.

Vanderpump Rules – Bravo – In year 8, yes, 8, this spin-off to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is just as good, if not better. It is about the pasta!

Eagles Post Game Live – NBC SportsNet – One of the few local shows I still watch – Seth Joyners’s flower deserves a twitter handle.

Saturday Night Live – NBC – I’ve watched this show my entire life, and when it has a good host like Matt Damon, is still the greatest.

Comedy Central Roast – Comedy Central (even though it’s only on once a year) – This year’s roast was of Bruce Willis. It is the only time I watch Comedy Central all year.

Celebrity Family Feud – ABC – It’s a little heavy on the athletes, but even Kanye West came across well on America’s favorite game show.

American Woman – The Paramount Network-  Alicia Silverstone and company deserved a second season.


Best Part of The Kennedy Center Honors

Cyndi Lauper, Kelly Clarkson, Little Big Town, and the Schuyler Sisters from Hamilton were the highlights of the Kennedy Center Honors Wednesday night, but my favorite part of the show was the audience cutaways.

Recipients were Reba McEntire, Philip Glass, Wayne Shorter, and Cher. The co-creators of Hamilton received a special award for being trailblazers in the arts.

Laverne and Shirley Marathon Sunday on MeTV

Of course, the most memorable Laverne and Shirley appearance was when they made their debut on Happy Days. In those days, around 30 million people a week were watching Happy Days.

In today’s age of a million channels, we just don’t watch the same shows anymore.

Penny Marshall Random Thoughts

In the iconic opening for Laverne and Shirley, did anyone else wonder why Laverne was walking out of a closet?

Penny Marshall was one of the best female athletes for the ABC team on Battle of the Network Stars.

Laverne and Shirley was never the same after the show moved to California.

A League of Their Own is on basic cable almost every day.


Gritty Makes EW Best of 2018 Issue

The Flyers’ new mascot Gritty, which has been the only highlight of the team’s dismal season, made Entertainment Weekly’s Best of 2018 issue.