Worst Shows of the Year

Heathers – The Paramount Network – Paramount pulled this show three different times due to real life shootings. It should’ve just kept it off the air because it was terrible.

Now and Then – HBO – On paper, this should have worked. Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter headlined, and it was produced by Alan Ball of Six Feet Under Fame. However, this confusing series flopped.

Riverdale – The CW – In year three, this show has lost me. Instead of normal teenage angst, it has turned into a crazy mess.

Camping – HBO – There were some funny moments, thanks go Juliette Lewis, but Lena Dunham’s follow-up to Girls was a disappointment.

Monday Night Football- ESPN – The latest incarnation with Joe Tessitore, Jason Witten, and unfortunately-named Booger McFarland managed to mangle fool-proof football.

GMA Day – ABC – This is the first mis-step in Michael Strahan’s meteoric television career.

Anything on E! – It should be renamed the K! network for Kardashian.

The Alec Baldwin Show – ABC – Baldwin’s tabloid antics didn’t translate to an interesting TV show.




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